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  1. Ok so I'm bak. Just about ready to harvest my sour diesels. And I clipped off some. To see wuts up. Now I've been struggling wit this I guess all the time wit grows. I don't wanna end up wit hay. Obviously the slow dry is a big part besides flush etc. The single branch are im sure gonna dry faster. Within 3-4 days which in my opinion and others I believe that's not enough time for converting and the breakdown process to happen am I correct. So I wanted some opinions on wut I can do to really slow things down a notch. Leave some leaf material or fan leaves on for moisture to slow down cuz I don't mind if it takes me 7 weeks (exhaturatin) to dry as long as I can have a good final product before I start curing. What's they key I see people drying for so long and I'm really afraid of F'n it all up. I always appreciat any input I can get all are welcome thanks people for tuning in
  2. is it better to just at this point cut the whole thing down and trim and dry just so it all drys slow. Is that a goo way to ensure a slow dry. I mean I'm sure I'm not the only one who does a staggered harvest. Or maybe even cut single ones with the who branch as much as I can. Will it slow down u think. I don want to end up with crappy diesel as if some of u are familar with this strain know why I want a good harvest. Nothing is ever perfect not expecting my stuff to be superb since I'm not no "Johnny famer guy" thanks dudes for the help in advance
  3. By "slow dry" what most people mean is not using an artificial drying method. Such as... oven, microwave, having a fan directly on it, ect...

    Just put the buds in brown grocery bags about half full, roll it shut but dont squish them. Poke a few holes above the level of the buds on each side. Set in a cool dark place with good circulation. Take the buds out gently daily and turn them. Should be good to go in 4-6 days. Then cure.
  4. Yeah exactly I usually hang dry them. So far only single buds but about to start chopping So. U think 4 days is enough meaning for them to breakdown and convert wut they need before cure. I hear onc. U put in jar tocure that's it. So u think paper bag will slow them down a litlle I hear peeps drying for weeks. That's seems to me a little crazy since I had these buds dry in 3 days at like 72 degrees jn closet
  5. 3 days vs 2 weeks won't make much of a difference. Just the artificial / improper methods will mess it up. The cure is what's important.
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    Really. I mean all I've been reading has been telling me longer than 3 days since it's still breaking Down chlorpyll etc. And it needs to be slow dryed to have a smoother better tasting bud. I hear if it drys to fast I'll end up with hay grassy smell which I've kinda realize. But I flushed theshit out of em to te point turning purple which is prety common in diesels I hear. That's another thing I was a lol worried about iathe flush. Hopefully I flushed enough and not of overdid it for too long if that's possible I don't want It to be dying for nutes to early. But that's my main concern Is final taste smell and white gray ash I want not that black shiny ash. Which I've had in past

    Edit - hey btw dude I didn't thank u yet. Thanx for looking this over wit me and helpin me get it straighten out
  7. i usually hang dry for 2-3 days, then move to paper bags for another 3-4 days. It's better to over dry than to under dry. The buds won't smell like much after drying, but after a good cure the smell will return. Just make sure you don't place them in jars until they are fully dry, or you will have problems
  8. Yeah that is wut I want to do is I usuAlly hang dry also for. Few day but by that time they are pretty much dry. And obvious it to fast. Should I just put em in paper bags directly. Or would that pretty much be the same. Mold shouldy be an issue since they are drying to fast. Will paper bags slow them DowN for a lil. Maybe ill do paper bag closed no holes for a day or 2 Hang dry then bak in bags wit holes U think if I start off in a bag it will hault drying for a day or 2 then hang them that way at least 2 days it stays somewhat moist before I hang em up. Is that something I can do
  9. not sure i understand what you're asking. Why do you want them to be moist? The bud being moist before curing is how mold gets started.

    If you've already hung dried them for a few days, then you might try breaking the bud up into smaller pieces and placing in paper bags with some newspaper or shredded paper in between layers. fold the top over gently like you would if you were taking your lunch somewhere.

    no direct air or heat, just put it in a well ventilated area. If your buds seem a bit crispy or too dry, a good cure will fix that right up, with no worries of mold because they're is little to no water in them anymore.
  10. No no I understand abou them being moist could create mold wut I was saying was to keep them somewhat moist first few
    day as to make sure they are dryin slow enough. What my main concern is about my bud drying a little to fast in my oponion I would like for them to really dry slowly before u start curing. As I hear fast dryed bud isn't gonna taste or smoke well harsh
  11. i see. well as long as there is no direct air/heat on them, it's a slow dry. By direct air, i mean a fan blowing on them, a microwave, an oven, etc. So by letting them dry on their own, with only natural air around them, that is a "slow dry". Exact time will vary with every harvest. The method i mentioned earlier about breaking the bud up into smaller pieces is good if you want them all to dry on the same schedule.

    "quick dry's" are usually done by people who are too impatient to wait, i think i read you are willing to wait. So no need to worry.
  12. Oh dude of course I'm willing to wait all the hard work and effort. I just wanna make sure that they have enough time to do ther biological chemical conversion they do naturally after harvest by starch augers conerting They jusy seemed to dry to quickly naturally so I got worried it was to fast I'll try to lower temps in closet to 65 if I can getting chilly here now so that's good
  13. I'm sorry if this insults you man, but we've told you 10 times now....

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  14. HhahahahHHhHHHahahaha I'm just a jerk off dude nah bro why woul I get insulted over something like that your just trying to help. Bro I understood the first time you said. And. Lemme just clarify no ones alrtificilAlly drying nuttin I just wanted to be sure NATURALLY them having ENOUGH TIME to do wut they do. And Dude I knew they were slow drying like that. I don't know if I lm explaing it right of wutever but I'm not some newbie asking stupid questions I think it's a reasonable question to ask as I read tons of info threads etc. Regarding this and all say 3-4 days isn't enough time for them to do their thing Yhat it's to fast it should be longer than that
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  17. Read it all already bro thanx though I wouldn't post unless I just want direct opinions and so.

  18. :). Always. Not a bad thing. Who can resist those beautiful flowers I mean such a gorgeous plant in it's own

  19. I dont mean to dig this thread up out of the depths of the archives, but I had to based on this post.

    I have dried 2 harvests now just like you describe. I dont use an oven or anything. I hang dry my buds in my little grow room, no light, very very very veeeeery light airflow that is not near the buds at all (fan on floor, buds at top of tent), and once they get crispy and the stems just begin to snap i put them in jars. My buds got to this state in about 4 days time and after a 3 month cure they smelled like crap.

    I waited an additional 3 months, still shit smell. Its not hay so much as a very boring and bland smell. It doenst really smell like weed at all either.

    So clearly, I did your little "slow dry" process as you explained and my buds came out still smelling bad. You may slow dry your buds, but they can still dry too quickly due to poor conditions in the drying room and lose hteir smell. Curing cant fix everything

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