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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Self_Exile, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hello, starting my first closet grow and could use advice.

    I have:

    4 26w 6500k Daylight Spectrum CFLS = 104w
    4 Socket Plug Adapters

    I'm going to plug the adapters into 2 extension cords so the lights will form a 2x2 square over the plant.

    I need some advice:

    Where can I get mylar or suggest alternative? No paint please.

    Temperature range for growing? I live in a camper so it is hard to control temperature, hot in day cold at night but I will be using a heater outside of the cloest in hopes to keep it warm and AC during the day.

    Also, what nutrients should I get? Preferably at Walmart because it is an hour to any major shopping centers.

    Thanks! Already have the seeds germinating too.
  2. Since your not close to a shopping center mylar will be hard to get ( can you use the internet). Also not to sure why your so set on not using paint...but the emergency fire blankets for camping are cheap and reflect light pretty well... that should be a good option for ya.

    If your for sure getting walmart stuff then you might as well get Miracle grow...its what I used. howeever its super strong so its easy to burn your plants..
  3. go to walmart. ask for emergency blankets. aka mylar substitute. 4$

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