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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Giants25, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hey, Im planning to buy my first bong ever. I literally had nothing consist to smoke out of. So i decided i wanted a bong lol. im looking at the Weedstar Baby Bitch.

    Weed Star - Baby Bitch - Dutch -

    Its cheap and its looks good. Is there any other bongs you might recommend? or show me a cheaper bong then like add accessories. The price is between 40-50 . I wanna make the purchase here on grasscity because of the 420 deal but if you have another site, its cool. Thanks for reading
  2. I usually wouldn't recommend Weed Star (Or most china glass) but based on your financial situation and since it's your first bong I'd say the baby Bitch would be pretty good.

    If you got a nice showerhead diffy and an a/c then you'd be set.
  3. This might be a stupid question but whats the difference between china glass and real glass? is china glass less durable?

    Its comes with a slit diffuser so ill stick with that and im planning to buy a A/C on my next purchase.
  4. I think you'll be happy with that, the beaker may be a lil thin on the bottom, so keep that in mind. Google "HVY", this is a very affordable (in most cases) good quality brand of gong's. I commend you for not wanting a cheap ass gong with three percs, peace.
  5. From what I've heard I think China glass is a lot cheaper and maybe even more 'unhealthy.'

    Correct me if Im wrong. I'm actually thinking about buying a bong myself. I used to have one of those 16in acrylic ones with the screwable metal bowl.

    I was thinking of pickin up a 2 perc glass bong off the GC website, but i don't want to get anything too complicated that i'm gonna have to clean all the time.

    So im thinkin about resorting to another acrylic one but one with an ice catcher or maybe just a simple glass one with an ice catcher.

    Either way if its not gonna have a perc or diffuser( which idk is too hard to clean) then itll at least have some ice notches so I can get a nice smooth hit.

    EDIT: Check out the glass perc bongs on GC, they are under $70 bucks
  6. Personally I would grab a mini hvy off of ALT. Weedstar has very poor quality control so that beaker will be blown out hard and the glass most likely won't be annealed properly.

  7. Is ALT just an abbreviation for the website? I've googled it and cannot find the website. I even googled it with words like 'pipes' and 'bong' but no sites popped up.

    Thanks I just wanna check this site out because i'm in the market for a bong. :D
  8. Thanks guys for all the replies. I found a better one on edIT. Its an EHLE and i know they make good ones. Its a cheaper price but with shipping and stuff it will cost a little more. Does anyone know the shipping rates from edIT (UK) to California? Is this bong a step up or down in your opinion?

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 100ml - Online Shop

  9. For $10 more you can get a 250 ml one. Also does anyone know what the 'ml' actually means? Like is it the diplacment of the entire bong including the neck or just the chamber down bleow?

    Also what website is ATL? looked it up and can't find it :(
  10. Aqua Technology Laboratory. ML is milliliters. The more ml the more smoke the bong can hold
  11. Only thing you need to think of is that that bong has a carb. Carbs are a REAAALLLLLY easy way to spill nasty, nasty bongwater. I think they help clear better than a slider, but if you have a GonG bong, then what's the point of also having a carb. Personally, I prefer the slider simply because its easier in so many ways. I can deal with the slightly longer clear time.
  12. Im sure i could find a carb blocker or whatever its called somewhere. Even though I wouldn't mind the carb

  13. china glass is low quality compared to schott glass for a few reasons.
    1) no proper annealing- this leads to sructurally unstable glass, turning the glass into a potential "bomb". i ahve heard stories of people lighting their china glass bowls and they just pop. bc they are not properly annealed. ask ninja from TC if you dont believe me.
    2) severely inconsistent- the chines mass manufacture all their products, and let out alot of fucked up pieces, janky ass welds, air bubbles, etc.
    3) they cant fume for shit- for all you know you could be inhaling silver fuming pealing off the pieces, and what ever other shit the four year old who made it didnt fix right.
    4) varying thickness- the piece can be advertised as 5mm but is probably 1 or 2 at beakers and at other various parts
    5) draggy ass percs- 3 arm trees are shody, fragile, usually non reinforced, and are closed adding alot of drag.
    6) no orgiginality- chinese manufacturers sometimes copy american artists and sell them for cheap, american artists lose money.
    7) we are in a recession- avoid china at every chance you can, china is slowly increasing their power and america weakens.

    conclusion- the only advantage chinese glass has is price. thats about it. these are a handful of reasons why china glass sucks.
  14. You have it mixed up a bit, the name is "Aqua Lab Technologies".
    Let me google that for you

  15. I dont think that carbs do help clear better, they are easier to just let go and clear but the hole is much smaller than a GoG joint so less air can get through the hole.

    To OP I have the EHLE 100ml and would say its very nice, the glass is still fairly thin although its really quite a small bong. Ive only knocked my over once and nothing broke so its fairly sturdy but I would be careful.
    One thing I will say though is I think you will want to get the next size up quite quickly. I thought the 100 would be perfect size and I admit its pretty good for hiding and stuff, but a 12" seems like a perfect size to me.
    Can't comment on shipping as im from UK so was only a few pound but I know there is a section on the website with all shipping details. here's my thread of it with a few pics and one next to a Dr Pepper bottle for size comparison
  16. Bhahaha my mistake
  17. OP- i recomend you go with an ehle- none of the problems i mentioned with their glass. you get nearly the same quality as for a much cheaper price. german>chinese
  18. Thanks man. I don't really care about hiding because my parents don't clean my room so i could just stick it under my bed or in my closet. The only time ill be using it is when my parents are sleeping or while they are gone. I will hardly ever take it out of my house lol So I think ill get the 250 ml....
  19. Regarding the pic below can anyone explain the three seperate 'bowl' looking joints that make up the downstem?

    I can see that one is the female part of the downstem, but I don't get why there are two more above it ( the third one is actually the bowl).

    From what i've researched this particular bong has a carb, so why does the downstem look like its made of three seperate pieces unless it can be used as a slide?

    Thanks for the responses just trying to make sense of this. :smoking:

    C:\Users\lib116\Desktop <--Link: The pic in the middle labels the bong according to my

    description using paint pad.

    Below is the original pic of the bong


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