Help On My Soil Mix?

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  1. Hey, so I am planning on doing organic for my first grow. I still need a base soil, but the additives I want to add are:
    Kelp meal
    Alfalfa meal
    Crab meal
    Dolomite lime

    Any advice or hints on what to add, a good base soil, or anything? Thanks in advance.


  2. rockdust
  3. oh..i didnt see azomite
  4. You should definitely start here:
    For a base you could use Peat Moss or Pro-Mix, with Peat Moss you will need to add lime for some other options you can check out this thread here:
    Then your going to need some EWC or Compost, you can check out this thread to learn how to make your own castings:
    And you cannot forget some aeration in there as well:
    As for nutritional amendments you need some neem meal and an all around fertilizer like Epsoma Tomato Tone, you have a lot of options there are guanos, feather meal, karanja meal, mustard seed meal, blood and bone meal, fish meal,etc.... You get the idea diversity is key get creative and see what works, most people like to stick with what they can source locally as shipping costs can get expensive, do what is best for you. If you can't find something or need some more of a certain nutrient look into dynamic nutrient accumulators you may be able to find a weed growing in your yard that has just what you need, or maybe you can grow something that will help with that and then you make a tea out of that to feed your ladies and there ya go.
  5. 50% Sphagnum Peat or ProMix
    30% compost/castings
    20% aeration

    Liming agents (crab/lime) at 1 cup/CF

    Nutritional amendments (neem/alfalfa/kelp) at 2-3 cups/CF

    Azomite at 4/5 cups/CF

    Mix well, moisten thoroughly and allow 3-6 weeks cycling time.


  6. Awesome thanks for the links, very informative.

    Thanks for the mix, its a great place to get started


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    Jerry, i really respect your opinions and you are one of the few posters on here I pay extra attention to. However I think your response here is a little off. You say 50% peat OR PROMIX, and 20% aeration. I think you should mention that promix already has some % or aeration mixed in. People using straight peat might need more aeration than 20%

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