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  1. Hey guys I've been working on a homemade bong and its been going pretty well except for two things.
    I've attached a picture to the post or you can click below
    \nAs you can see it has 3 chambers and holds water in the medicine bottle, smart water bottle, and dasani bottle with the bottom cut off on top. The medicine bottle on top of the smart water bottle functions as a makeshift percolator that has holes along the bottom to funnel the smoke through water. 
    \nWhenever I put water in the top bottle, it always ends up leaking after 2-3 minutes. I'm using plumbers putty and surrounding it with tape but I don't know how to keep the water in.
    \nAdditionally, I don't know how to get water into the smart water bottle. If I fill up the dasani bottle, some of it will trickle through the holes in the medicine bottle, but its not enough and the dasani bottle ends up becoming overfilled. 
    \nPlease help. Thanks!


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  2. Ok use electrical tape first off and pull it hold and tight as you wrap it a few times, as for the water get a decent sized flexible hose or straw around 1'to 1.5 ft long and a balloon, fill the balloon up a lil with water(how ever much you want in the bottle) then insert the flexible(what ever you found) into the balloon.bent either tape it or tie it or what ever cuz I think securing it will prolly help a lot in a cpl lower the other end of the flexible thingy into the first bottle then into the med bottle and down into the next pretend that balloon is the your of a virgin and gently squeeze till you got everything out of it that you want.:)
  3. = titty (Damn Swype lol)

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