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Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by superman222e, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I've been working on a homemade bong and its been going pretty well except for two things.
    I've attached a picture to the post or you can click below
    As you can see it has 3 chambers and holds water in the medicine bottle, smart water bottle, and dasani bottle on top. The medicine bottle on top of the smart water bottle functions as a makeshift percolator that has holes along the bottom to funnel the smoke through water. 
    Whenever I put water in the top bottle, it always ends up leaking after 2-3 minutes. I'm using plumbers putty and surrounding it with tape but I don't know how to keep the water in.
    Additionally, I don't know how to get water into the smart water bottle. If I fill up the dasani bottle, some of it will trickle through the holes in the medicine bottle, but its not enough and the dasani bottle ends up becoming overfilled. 
    Please help. Thanks!

  2. Honestly mayne, that's a good piece. Interesting use of household items :)

    However I would take you're original idea and start over with cleaner cuts, silicone trimming(on the cuts of course), and if you need tape, then you should try again. When it comes to bongs, PERFECT seals are important. If you're second guessing something, don't stress and redo it :)

    As far as sealing it, there are a lot of adhesives but you're going to need something that can withstand something around 260 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Good luck to you! :)
  3. wow never been in this section before, mainly just a glass guy myself. that's pretty whack!
  4. Well,if you check homemade percolators its straws.
    The straws have go down(my drawing):
    I I 
    I I end of straw
    So the water doens't leak anymore because of the path the straw does. Compared to the pill bottle,which is directly there,no path that could block something(like your sink tubing underneath the sink) 
  5. I have a homemade that looks just like that, except I have a decently sized carb on it. I think if you cut a big enough hole around the bottom you can use that for filling and clearing the bong. That's what helps me.
  6. i have basically the same thing except no ash catcher... thats a pretty good design just use a glue gun instead of tape, i replaced all the tape on my 4 homemade bongs (i get really bored) with glue gun glue and i have had no problems. also that perc has to have something in it, correct me if there is i cant really see anything. make sure the holes on the perc are big so it doesn't cause a lot of drag. i had to small of holes on mine and there was to much drag so i had to take it apart and fix it, works great now.

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