Help on my first grow (already!)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sn00py, Nov 3, 2001.


Which will get me higher? (And can be grown)

  1. Durban Poison (I've ALWAYS wanted to try this stuff..)

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  2. Northen Lights

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  3. Oasis

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  4. Blueberry

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  5. El Nenio (Anyone tried this stuff?)b

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  1. Hey all,
    This is my 1st post I'm a bit of a beginner in the growing game, however I've decided I'm gonna give it a go - trouble is, I'm not sure what to grow..
    I've just got the NFT system (4 plants, 250W HPS, Hydro etc..) and (as I'm inexperienced in growing) would appreciate any recomendations ppl can give for a nice end result..

    I'm thinking... Durban Poison? Northen Lights? Oasis? Bluberry?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh the choices!!

    Any comments/experiences appreciated..


  2. welcome to the site. i dont grow and i only reconize blueberry and NL. i dont know about the other 2. both those kinds are good tho.
  3. This is an easy one,,,,1st time grower...get the northern lights.It is very hardy.tolerent to new grower screwups....or grow some good bag seed to get the hang of it first..then you will have better knowledge to grow better herb.
  4. I would also say Northern's good pot and easy to grow! :D duban poison is better pot or at least according to me...but for a first time grower...NORTHERN LIGHTS!....Northern Light #5 is the best for 1st timer screw ups ;)
  5. NL is good to start out with until you get the hang of it. DP is a fine choice for fluoros but does better outside in my opinion.

    Good luck on your grow!
  6. Thanks for the advice, anyone know anything about 'El Ninio'? I saw a pic of it the the back of a seed magazine and it looked mighty tasty!

    Will keep you updated with the grow (probably need lots of advice in the meantime! - this can be a group grow kinda experience!)
  7. Yeah i am a first time grower in the now bud capital of the world WEST VANCOUVER BC CANADA. My dad says he's cool with me growing up to 5 plants. (VERY VERY COOL DAD) I plan to grow indoors in my closet. Any ideas???? Also what is ment by growing outdoors? Is it literally outdorrs and uncovered or is it in a greenhouse ?? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated (sp?) THANKS ALL.

    Ganja man <=====>~~~
  8. Hey dude , whats up. heres the deal. Weed is an amazing thing to have but you shouldnt just jump into trying to create a great bud. start small , like brick weed, then once you have everything in line and you arent fucking around get yourself some Northern lights , thats a really good bud to start off with and its a great high ( and its okay to fuck up a LIL )


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