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Help on Lightbulb Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cRiTiCaL, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to this Forum. I just started smoking about a month ago. Somebody mentioned to me about vaporizers, so I looked them up and I saw a lightbulb vaporizer. It is cheap and does not look all that hard to make...
    I am just confused on how they work, you put in the weed, then light the bottom of the glass.
    Okay thats where I am confused. How does this work and how does this not burn through the lightbulb. And once its filled with smoke, I just inhale with the straw?
    and one more question, what happens to all of the weed still in it when I'm done smoking it?
    Can I save that? or is it unsmokable?

    Thanks :)
  2. all you do is just place a lighter or heating device under the lightbulb, then wait till you see a light mist and stop the lighter and inhale, and repeat as desired possibly 2 or 3 times and the smoke will look more noticable after the first use, and about the weed in the lightbulb i wouldnt smoke because theres no THC in it if you did it properly. :smoking:
  3. The lightbulb vaporizer works because the heat from the flame "Vaporizes" the THC in the bud. you apply the flame on the outside of the lightbulb and when the temperature gets hot enough the THC will vaporize and be trapped in the lightbulb. When their is enough THC in their you just inhale and get ready to get blazed lol. :smoking:

    As for the leftover weed, you can just save it in a bag for a while and when you have enough make an edible such as brownies or a firecracker.

    This is not a very good way of vaporizing your weed though, if you are intersted in vape's you should invest in a good one that will last a long time.

    Hope this helped
  4. ok ive made this once before back in the day. and honestly its not worth it. but ill tell u how i made minne.

    1. rip the top and insides of the light bulb out. use plyers or whatever.
    2. pour salt in the lightbulb and swirl and shake it untill that white stuff is all off the lighbulb. im pretty sure it is toxic or something so make sure its like all gone.
    3.cut the top of a water bottle off and set in on top of the lightbulb.
    4. duct tape the water bottle to the lightbuld.
    5.put the weed in the bottom of the lightbulb and put it over a flame

    you can use a candle or lighter. hold it there until you see vapors start to form in the lightbulb. it will look like a very light smoke. as far burns the THC. that is all in bud that gets you high. if you decide to make this post a picture or something.
  5. The two people above me pretty much sumed up the "how to" part. But I would save all your vaped weed and make some hash/cannabutter. You need alot, but theres still some THC left in there.

  6. dude you would need a ridiculous amount of weed. i have never herd of cannabutter being made that way either.
  7. Thanks guys..
    I appreciate all of the help. I am slowly learning what I need to know.
    This is an excellent forum with a very helpful and friendly community. :)
  8. then just take all those burnt pieces of buds and put them on waterfall and burn them shits down till they turn white and get high as kite
  9. Keep the lighter heating the bottom of the bulb untill the bulb is filled with vapor (looks like smoke) then stop lighting and beathe in the vapor.

    Breathing in the filament is like breathing in glass dust. It's extremely bad for your throat.
    And if you use a white lightbulb you will end up breathing in vapor from the white inner coating too. Which is probably pretty bad for your lungs and brain and what not. I don't know for sure but you'd be better off not finding out.
    If you don't have any clear bulbs use peroxide to clean it all out.
    And if the bulb cracks then stop heating, cuz that means the glass is too thin. Otherwise you should be good though.
    If it goes all good you should end up pretty baked (depending on your bud)

    Happy Toking:D
  10. Something important to note..
    A normal lighter will take a long time to light up the light bulb enough to heat the weed to the point of vaporizing.
    I suggest investing in a torch lighter and cook the shit out of the light bulb.

    Watch out, if you overheat the light bulb it will crack apart, not really a big deal since you can just keep cleaning out lightbulbs and remaking the vape once you have the mouthpiece made.

    You just need to find the perfect distance to hold the lighter.
    Plug the mouthpiece's straw and/or the choke (if you added one) and keep heating the bulb until you see a steady stream of whispy looking smoke come off the weed and then stop lighting it and just wait for the bulb to finish milking itself and take it.

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