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    Hello all.
    My name is dannylion, just call me Daniel i guess [​IMG]
    I'm located in Australia, and hung around /r/trees (Reddit) for a while before i came here (shoutout to the ENTS that browse around there!). 
    Recently i've become bored with my life. The user /u/420Microbioligist (Reddit) has 'inspired' me to change something about myself and my goals (sorry about the reddit shoutouts, but if you simply have a look there it will explain quite a bit).
    I'd really, really like to work with Cannabis. For some, it shouldn't be an issue, except when you live across the globe from the U.S and Marijuana is incredibly illegal where you live (Australia if you didn't catch on [​IMG])  
    I want to work with cannabis in a few different ways. I'd like to work with extracts, making oils and such, microbiology maybe? I'd also love to have some hands on experience with growing cannabis, even if it's just work experience, and so i don't get paid to do it. I'm thinking it would be an incredibly hard feat to study overseas (oh and by the way your colleges are expensive as FUCK) and pay expenses? Is it worth moving to study, with the thought of being broke and having no guarantee of the job i moved there for?
    I would really like some advice. How does someone go from overseas to working in another country? Would you suggest i do 'college' there to help me out? What kind of jobs are suited to me? How do cannabis jobs work over there (obviously in the states that have legalised it).
    Please help me out guys, really looking for some guidance. Having an addiction to learning and understand, and producing things that i see on the internet is a setback rather then a goal where i'm living at the moment. Just for the sake of this post, i am exactly 18 years old and straight out of high school.
    Thank you!

  2. I can't really help, sorry dude. Kind of sucks that no one has commented but just hang in there.
  3. Well, one bit of advice is that college is a lot less expensive if you're a resident of the state you're attending school in.  Usually, you have to live in a state for a year (while not attending school) to establish residency.  So if you have a school or two in a legal state in mind, and have the ability to spend a year just working at whatever before starting school, you can save a serious amount of money.  That might be difficult for someone not from the States visa-wise, but it's worth looking into.
    Secondly, look at botany programs.  If you want to work in the cannabis industry, and want to go though school first to do it, that's probably your path.
    Good luck, man!  I hope things work out for you.
  4. stay in Aus and help the fight, brother. the fact the whole weed debate has been in our media lately means that waves are being made, and people in positions to get stuff done are thinking about it... it may take another ten years, considering the way Australian governments (labour AND liberal) traditionally handle their shit, but as long as the push keeps gaining ground in the US and the UK, it will in Australia, too. just gotta keep at it to the point they realise the issue wont go away until something's actually done about it...
  5. Move to Washington state. Legal weed babyyyyyy [​IMG] .
    Actually go to Colorado. Their system for it is much better than ours haha.

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