Help on Hydroponics...I plan to grow but have questions :)

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  1. Hey. Heres my plan.
    I've seen numerous vids online showing
    the GHETTO way of doing hydro.
    I jus want to plant 1 mj plant to experiment.
    I'm gettin a Kush clone from a friend.
    I heard growing it Hydro can make it more potent and better so heres
    wat I plan.

    - Use a little plastic plant cup for base of plant
    - Use a bigger cup to hold water base under plant base
    - Use aquarium gravel (natural color) for plant base *Good idea?*
    - Use two air pumps (for better aeration)
    - Spring water for water base
    - *Getting nutrients from store* What nutrients do I need for veg. and flower?
    - Getting light *Planning on CFL but how many watts? for veg. and flower?

    Thanks if u reply

    * Any other advice is kindly welcomed to help a novice grower*
  2. Hey dude I'll bite, lets build you and upscale ghetto hydro bucket for 1 plant. First go too home depot and buy a 5 gallon bucket and lid. 2nd go to walmart buy 40-60 gallon aquarium pump , 2 six inch airstones and 10 ft of aquartium airline. 3rd go to hydroponics store or order online a 4inch net pot, a bottle of ph down solution,a small bag of hydroton, anda jiffy peat pellet, General hydroponics 3 part nutes(flora mirco , flora bloom , and floragro all in quarts. Buy a ph test kit for water its about 8 bucks. i grow uder a 1000watt mh for vegging and and 1000w hps for flower. have somebody help you with the lightas i dont use small lights. Go home.

    take the bucket lid and cut a hole in the center w/ a knife to the size of your netpot. cut 2 round holes in the lid or top side lip of bucket for your air hoses. place airstones in bottom of bucket hook up pump and airlines . Fill bucket w/ ro waterto the bottom of the netpot . Just barely touching net pot. Check ph of water add ph down to about 5.6 to 6.0 ph. turn on air pump and let bubble . crack your seeds using whatever method you know put root tip downward a half inch in jiffy pellet thats rehydrated. put under light and grow fpo 3-4 days under flouro light until root starts to come out of the side or botttom of pellet keep pellet moist til you see roots. Mix nute according to bottle directions in bucket. place rooted seedling in jiffy pwellet into net pot and cover w/ hydroton. and go . any other questins pm me as I too live In the great lake state and Im a legal grower. Take care:wave::smoking::hello:
  3. NO aquarium gravel. It has sharp edges which will grind on your lady's roots. Unless you use the epoxy coated stuff, in which case doesn't hold any oxygen.

    Use expanded's cheap. Really. Cheaper than aquarium gravel which has all those dyes and stuff.

    Or, you can use nothing at all. A basket with a neoprene collar (less than $5 at a local hydroponics store) is fine since you are starting with a clone. Using the bubble method as you mention, you don't HAVE to have media.

    Use distilled water instead of spring water. Spring water comes from, well, springs...and has lots of minerals and bacteria which might do your lady harm. Go with distilled as there is nearly nothing but water in distilled.

    Oh, and stickyboi's instructions about the 5 gallon bucket is a MUCH better idea than cups. Believe me, MJ gets BIG....plastic cups won't even hold an Indica.

    If you are using CFL's, do NOT think in watts, think in lumens. You want 1000-3000 lumens hitting your plant per square foot in veg.....and as many as you can pour on to her in flowering. A 23 watt, 6500K CFL bulb (the kind they say replaces a 100 watt incandescent) puts out between 1300-1600 lumens. Three of them positioned around the plant VERY close should get you through veg.

    For flowering, though, there is no such thing as too much light. Put more bulbs in there, but in 2700K...and don't forget your reflective material. Visqueen is cheap.

    Bak Alchisk
  4. good advice dude

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