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  1. My box is 21x21x27 i have 6 26watt cfls a 4" inine duct fan at 80 cfm on intake and a 8" house fan i had laying around on exhuast at top. My temps stay from 82-86, the box is inside my closet, Ive tried leaving the closet door open, i unfortunately cut another intake hole for a dual PC fan but it didn't help the temps. My question is if i take the 8" house fan for intake and the 4"inline for exhaust and route a dryer house out of the closet will this help my temp?, will enough air be moved through the exhaust? i had heard that the duct fans were better at helping move air then forcing the air to move.

    Here's a pic to get and idea of my fans and box

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  2. Not sure on the heat but that's the Charlie Brown tree of pot plants! Good luck solving your issue.
  3. ya my 2nd time growing so she's been a learning tree more than anything, heat tho is a bitch biggest problem ever
  4. or should i just add both my fans as exhuast and have no intake?
  5. sorry this isn't a solution to your problem more of a heads up, I hope you have more vertical room cuz it looks like that sativa is gonna be squished
  6. Nope 27" all i got im not looking to do a huge crop either, She was a bag seed i just need some experience, Im planning on 4 plants of predominantly indica, this is actually my first time to see a plant bud, so its like im going to agriculture school
  7. I'm not a cfl grower but a few things. First, you need to get those lights closer to help with the plant from stretching. Secondly, change pots. Go with something that doesn't give light to the roots. As for heat, it will take some figuring out on your part with trial and error. Your intakes should be of 1;1 or 2;1 ratio of your exhaust, depending on what you have for exhaust fans. The duct fans are normally used with intake/exhaust fans to help push air through ducting but should be plenty for your setup. I'm not experienced with using axial fans si I can't say with certainty as to what they do and how good they work. Good luck with this.
  8. So the box is in your closet and the closet is presumably closed. You're just dumping hot air from your box into the closet and then sucking the same hot air back into the box.

    You can try reversing the intake and exhaust. No one here can really predict if that will work since we don't know the specs of your "house fan". I'd try ducting the exhaust flow out of the closet somehow - whether that's easier to do with the duct fan or the house fan is your call. GL!
  9. I also noticed you dont have a fan in there to help circulate any air which can help out. Based on a little space like yours, just get some small fan in there to help circulate the box better.
  10. Ok, im little confused on the fan ratio, are you saying that they need to be relatively close in size to each other, and which one needs to be bigger? Ive tried both ways door closed the ambient temps range at 78 and inside the box at 81. the door closed it goes to 80 ambient and 84 in box. it seems that the duct fan will be easiest to rout and ive heard the house fans dont do a good job when there forced into a small space so ill probly change them, i had 2 pc fans inside to circulate but they didnt do anything to help.

    P.s. i no my plant isnt the best and i know the lights arnt close enough. im just trying to get everyhting straighted out with the box first, and i felt like have a plant in there would give me better readings, in future im planning on moveing from veg box to this one and using stilt stands to bring it closer to lights.
  11. Yeah dump that x-haust air away from your intake & get the oscillating fan in there, you should be able to grow in that vertically challenged box, LST all of them.
  12. I see peeps growing in pc cases and mini fridges shit this is bigger and just small enuff to hide from suspicious eyes guess i need to learn lst
  13. If your exhaust and intake fans are bladed (like oscillating fan) they can spin and not move much air. Make sure you have a squirill cage fan, it wont back pressure.
    I also think you may be over-reacting to the temps, 80-85 is not all that bad.
    I also think your issues are from the bucket and the light. Use the biggest bucket you can fit in the space, doing one plant in there, you can get a 40-60 quart bucket. You want to give your roots every advantage. Your roots are everything.
    You cannot have too much light, I am frustrated by seeing people risking their asses for 10grams of herb from their CFL closet.
    If you are going to grow, grow the best you can. You will not save any money or smoke better herb than you can buy if you don't give your plants the light they need.
    Good ganja needs six things; light, light, light, water, nutes and air.
    If I had your space, I would use a 430W HPS for flower, adding some blue light at the perimeter with flourescents. I would expect to yield at least 4-6 oz from that size space. If you can get good at growing your strain (and have a good strain) and controlling your environment, you could hope to double that.
    Good luck, spend the money on proper equipment and read these forums, there are definately a few growers who post here who really know what they are talking about. I have 10 years experience and these guys make me look like a rookie.
    There is a lot of scientific evidence available on growing cannabis, ignore at your own risk, follow the advice and reap the harvests.
    Good Luck! Fatty.
  14. Sorry, forgot to address the height of your box, you need to make it taller, this size will not work. If you can't...find yourself a trustworthy dealer and save yourself the headaches.
  15. Fatty420 gives sage advice. Buy a digital thermometer from wally-world. your analog can be off many degrees. measure temp at the top of the plant or a few inches down. air intake temp is a consideration - hot air in hot air out. circulate the air inside the box. you must have adequate intake of fresh air! can't be overemphasized. pull the air out instead of trying to push the air out. you should use the inline fan to pull the air out of the box thus taking fresh air in from the outside through the vents as a byproduct of pulling the air out! make sense? make sure the intakes are sufficient for the capacity of the inline fan - if so you wont need a fan to push air in and can lose that aixal fan. larger air intakes are better and you can deal with potential light leaks if required. 80 - 85 defrees with 35% - 50% humidity is a good thing if you keep the air moving and refreshed inside the box.

    bottom line; 1) you could have outside fresh air temp issues, 2) you could have negative air pressure inside the box due to inadequate air intake and circulation, 3) you should pull the air out instead of trying to push air in, 4) some combination of all

  16. if its your 2nd grow you should know that cfl's need to be close to the plant as possible, to prevent stretching...which is your plant now
  17. I don't know what your CFL's give off but I am managing a similar size space with an LED with two PC fans. Link in my sig if interested.
  18. if you gonna tell me to worry about lights and the pot size and hps, then your gonna worry about keeping your temp at a steady 75 range and if i do like you tell me (which Ive been doing) to read this forums then 75-77 is the perfect temp to not get node elongation. The basic fact is 1 i don't have extra cash go spend on all the expensive equipment 2 im in a rental with very little space and 3 this is me learning, reading the forums if i can see and experience what my setup produces then i have a good idea of what i can already achieve and advance on in the future when i move.

    Now ive set both my oscillating fan and inline duct fan to exhuast with a dryer hose duct leading out to the top of the closet door (sliding doors) with the inline fan in between the dryer hose about half way, the temps at 84 during the daytime for me and drops to 82 at night, im gonna cut the intake hole bigger now and see what happens and if need put oscillating fan pushing air in from the bottom of closet.

    That pic of the plant is just a tester i threw it in a for fun just waiting for it to finish befor i add plant i want to HARVEST thats why she not even close to the lights, i dont want to produce bud if everything isnt right in my cage.

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