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Help on getting a new Piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CodyLar, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. pretty much since i started smoking a few years ago ive only bought bowls to smoke out of. now that i have a little bit of money i wanted some advice on what i should get.

    oh and how much would a glass bong about 8-12 inches tall be with the slide(not a carb. those piss me off on bongs)
  2. It really depends on your area. Here you can get an acrylic for $30 and a nice glass one for $60

  3. thanks
  4. Get a cheap durable bubbler. Bubblers rip well and are nice and portable
  5. i was thinking about getting a bubler but i dont know. this piece is going to be a stay at home piece since most of the time im out with other people theres plenty to pick from. thats why i was thinking a bong
  6. I got a gong bong for $70, 1 4 arm tree perc, 1 dome perc, diffused downstem, came with a shitty ashcatcher that broke so i replaced it with another slide. Its china glass for sure but it hits nice so i don't care. My suggestion is look for something in that range, and be careful with it cus it'll be a lil fragile haha
  7. This depends on

    A.) What you prefer
    B.) Your area
    C.) Bong quality
    D.) Your Budget

    I'm assuming since you said a "little bit" of money that its <$50.


    Bong bong 27cm

    Bubbler (I own this, Great deal) Sherlock bubbler
  8. i got 75$ so i think i could get a fairly decent glass bong. even if its china glass, its staying in my room and its fully carpeted lol. so im not worried if it falls over. but thanks for the suggestions. that 70$ sounds pretty damn nice even for china glass for 70$ im hoping i can find something like that
  9. Hey man, you're posting on the forum of an online headshop. Check the store out, There's usually good prices on almost whatever you need. During the holiday sale I got a 20" bong with 4 arm tree perc, diffused downstem, ice pinches, and an ashcatcher for about $100, the sale meant that I didn't have to pay $30+ shipping.
  10. well i was planning on going to a headshop.. but i cant order anything from GC because i dont have a credit card yet. but idk i should be able to find a nice one from a local headshop.

  11. For sure man, sometimes Headshops are better than online, by I refuse to by glass from my local one, because the first bong I got there (I was new to smoking at the time) cost me more than my current bong. The damn thing is like 12" tall, and isn't glass on glass, the bowl is held by a rubber grommet.
  12. shit man how much did you pay for that. i want a glass on glass. wont have to be thick since i got carpeting. but im hoping i can get one for about 60ish and have a few bucks left to buy a new grinder and rolling machine
  13. I dunno man, I've been thinking about getting one of those Incredibowl 420 minis...Every review I've read said that it was worth the money for the high you get from it...the only complaint I seen about it was the lack of screen options when they need to be replaced, but that wont hurt me much since I'm like fuckin MacGyver when I smoke >.> lol :smoke::wave:

  14. The one I got from my local headshop was $100 plus taxes, but that doesn't mean you're going to have to pay the same thing too. I went with my buddy when he went to get a new bong, his was almost the exact same as mine, minus ashcatcher and 24" tall, I think it was like $70, plus he got a mini hookah thrown in for free because he goes there all the time to get papes and screens.

    Anyway, it depends on your location, and whether the people who work there are dicks or not. Also, always see if you can get a better price on what you want, haggle with them, and they usually drop the price or throw something in for free.

    From what I remember about the incredibowl is that it doesn't need a screen, just pack the bud in, and unless it's all dried up, then it should stay in the bowl.

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