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help on finding connections

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pimpingmaryjane, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. i just moved to a small town and i know noone here. i was woundering on ways to get connections with some dealers. i am starting a job i got down here at mcdonalds maybe i will find one there. but this is a small town and it doesnt seem like anyone here smokes. im dry and need a connection. any help will be appreciated. pimpingmaryjane
  2. The trick is, more people smoke then you think. And that goes for alot of people. Maybe just make references to weed like the song Puff The Magic Dragon or something to one of your co-workers. Otherwise, hang out around headshops.
  3. we dont have headshops around here i dont think
  4. Asking for dealers or hook ups is against the rules..

    Asking how to find a dealer is not.. Please keep this in mind.

    Now, In my area, there are so many people that smoke behind the scenes you wouldn't believe.. I have found that alot of people smoke that I would have never thought.. Trick is how do you find out.

    Just pay attention and make simple jesters about MJ..


    Just off the wall............ just kid around about mj and i'm sure before long you will find some one..

    Small towns take time.. you being new to the area may also take more time.. Remember it is illegal and most people want to keep it under the table that they smoke..
  5. talk to more outgoing.........

    find ya local smoke shop and post up in the front.....youre bound to see some stoners walk thru.......
  6. Just yesterday I found a new smoking buddy at my work by making some simple mj talk.

    A "my anti-drug" commerical came on and I was telling him how stupid those commericals are, and then next thing you know, he's taking me out to his car to show me his steamroller
  7. Ya I did that with people at my old job, we'd be in the kitchen cooking and I would make jokes about throwing in some extra herb. Before you know it I was behind the restaurant smoking a joint. Everyday I went to work I got offered something to buy. It's one of those really popular family restaurants where a ton of people go to it for the "nice atmosphere" and all the employees are potheads, druggies, and generally pretty screwy~
  8. walk around asking everyone you see

    "Yo you know where I can get some trees"

    Sooner or later you'll find someone

  9. Yea man.............. there is a nursery just around the corner.. Got all kinds of trees! lol

  10. lol it's true though because only stoners will know what you really mean and then you'll have a hookup :)
  11. I think asking random ppl for pot is retarted. Someone might lynch your ass if you said that. That comes off kiinda copish, if someone came up to me and was like yo you know where i can get some weed, id be like no you fucking pig go away. I was in your shoes when i moved here all i did was made friends, once your make a few good friends finding weed is a breeze.
  12. man, the guy at this 7-11 up the street, i dunno him for shit but i see him at least twice a week up there. i always buy a blunt and always a 1 liter code red mountain dew. so he knows what's up. so one time i pulled up and he was outside smokin a cigarette with a buddy and his buddy right off the bat kinda sings to himself "gonna get hiiiiigh too niiight" lol. i was like fire up.. and i had a j in my pocket but i was in a hurry to go somewhere.
    ok my aunt was in a horse show. like all them people are kinda rich n shit.. so i got my aunt some bud before and this 50 year old chick with purple hair comes up to me like "you get some bomb ass weed man" and i was like "wtf whatcha talkin about.." lol.. my aunt shared with her.
    but um.. yeayea.. there HAS to be someone around there. how old are you? hang out at bars/clubs.. make friends with 7-11 people lol
    sorry for the long post the hydroco is kickin in..

  13. HAHAHAHA he showed you his "steamroller" lol :D

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