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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dynozone84, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Alright I have my seeds on the way and i finally need to make the decision on lights. i want to have around 6-8 plants and get the best/most bud possible. ill spend alittle extra money but i wanna get the best deal i can here on lights. here are the options:

    1. Get a 400w hps and use it for both veg/flower

    2. get flourescants for vegging/400w hps for flower- i want to do this to save money on electrcicity etc. plus so the plants have the right spectrum. how much flourescant should i get? would 1 of these be enough?

    3. Get one of the hps/mh combos-this seems like the best option, but i like how if i want to have plants vegging in another area of my house i can just use the flourescents while the other plants are using the floros use less electricity

    basically lmk what to do here.thanks.
  2. If you had the money and the dedication - I'd get the MH/HPS... you'd get better results.

    But if saving power is a great issue - floro's.
  3. I'm partial to the dual 400W MH/HPS because that's why I have and it's been great. Good luck!
  4. thats what im leaning to also, the only downside is i cant use both at once to grow 2 different groups. any idea on what kinda floro/how much to use?thats the main reason im leaning towards the mh/hps is because i cant figure out what floro to even get...
  5. ok guys i wanna buy these lights. should i veg under floros? or what?
  6. Veg under MH, flower under HPS.

    I bought a 400 watt HPS light with a MH conversion bulb, works like a charm. That's what I suggest.
  7. u could just get like a few of those CFLS there liek super high output ones

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