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HELP on cannabutter if you guys made it before

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boonub, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. just followed hashmouf guide to making cannabis butter and my butter and plant material is in a container already hardened. What could happen if I reheated the butter/plant material and then poured it in a container with water added? Will the plant material sink to the bottom, and the butter(fats)rise to the top and hardens?
  2. why do you want to heat it up again? if you want to strain out the plant material pour it through a permanent coffee filter or a fine seive. but if you just melt it down in water again and let it harden you will yield the exact same product as the first time. it you want to melt it down again to make it stronger then go for it though, just avoid the microwave.

  3. well i don't really like straining it through cheesecloths or a coffee filter or a metal strainer cos it takes to much work and the clean up mess tho.. I just tried the experienment and waiting for the conclusion tos ee how it goes. all i did was reheat the butter/plant material that was harden overnight for 24hrs until butter melted and then pour water in a container and then poured the mixture(plant material and butter together) into the container and stirred it a little bit. Now the butter should rise to the top and the plant material&water should fall. i hope it works

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