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  1. ok i live in atlanta,georgia and the weather now is is around 65-75 during the day and around 35-55 during the night. im looking for some seeds that will harvest the quickest, that arent too tall(shorter the better) that are best suitable for outside conditions, and i want them to be under $35. all help is greatly appreciated.
  2. You may want an indica as opposed to the generally taller and longer finishing sativa.

    First off where are you planning to buy them from?

    Secondly $35 gives you some decent options and height should not be an issue with most any plant if you read up on LST techniques to make the plant more bush like.

    I will go see if I can find some over at gypsies botique for under 35 that seem like a solid choice.

    In the end its up to you really...but here ya go found this at gypsies botique and seems like a decent plant.

    Skunk: $29.70

    Breeder : Sensi Seeds
    Flowering Time : 45-50
    Environment : GreenHouse
    Origin : USA / Holland
    Seeds Per Pack : 15

    A strong plant with that typical Skunky taste and high. It has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio with large, full buds (donkey dicks). Its excellent yield makes this one an absolute must for the greenhouse grower. Finishing date in greenhouse: mid-October. Yield in greenhouse: up to 500 gr.

    I dont see why this would not do well in the Georgia climate.

    my 2 cents
  3. thanks alot for the find bro. i really dont care where i buy them from, but i was looking on GC. so if those seeds harvest in mid-october, i should plant around mid july right? alos if you happen to find anymore, please feel free to post up!
  4. Ok I've narrowed my options down to these three seeds. the weather is now from mid 40's to mid-upper 50's at night, and from low 60's to high 70's during the day, and will get warmer as spring comes. I've narrowed my options down to Trance, Top 44, and Early Misty. Smell might be a concern for me so I want the least smelling plant when flowering/mature out of these 3. Thanks!
  5. I chose Early Misty for my outdoor grow this summer. From what I read on it, they are pretty hearty and can deal with drops in temp and produce a good yield if done right.
  6. i choose nigerian nightmare and g-13 x burmese both from Reefermanseeds....the cheapest isn't the best...genetics cost. I pay 65 for 24 NN(due date late sept.) and 35 for 7 b-13:D
  7. I think im going with Early Misty. Flowering time is short, i want a short plant and its not tall, and something that is capable of producing a good amount of bud. Thanks all for the help and I'll be sure to make a ggrow journal in the specific forum. :wave:

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