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Help on buying seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HelpMEhelpYOUgethigh, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Okay so I have 35 bucks on a master card. Im trying to buy some low smelling cannabis seeds. Live in united states. Minnesota to be exact.
    Im just looking for a site where I can get the seeds for cheap. Wheather it be ten or one, doesent matter long as there feminized, and I can afford them
    Also I know Northern lights is a low smelling strain, anyone know anyother low smellers? Thanks. Also Id likefor the site to have good solid reviews.

  2. You're better off finding some bag seed or finding some local, with weed illegal on a federal level good luck finding a Company to ship seeds to the U.S. Chances are they will get compromised unless you disguise them somehow. Cheers
  3. uh actually theres hundreds that ship to united states there not illegal here unless you plant them. Cmon man
  4. Sorry for my ignorance I figured every part of the cannabis plant is illegal, I personally wouldn't want seeds to be shipped to my house seems like an easy way to get flagged. Good luck on your search bro!
  5. Without question, there ARE some jurisdictions that get a prosecutorial hard-on for stems and seeds, but those days are generally gone due to the low-end penalty range that some seeds would produce. After all, you cannot prosecute based on a presumptive weight of what a seed MIGHT yield.

    Does that mean you want things coming to the residence? Not on a regular basis. But an individual package is usually not going to raise suspicion given that it isn't like the box is marked MARIJUANA SEEDS in big red letters. I had seeds that came in an item marked exactly on the customs form as what it was...the seeds were obviously not mentioned. They cleared the International Sort Center and the two that I tried to germinate have done well so it isn't like the ISC took steps to irradiate (either that or their machine isn't worth a damn).

  6. Rocky Mountain Seed Bank
    Greenpoint Seeds
    Seed vault of California
    Great Lakes Genettics
    The Dank Team

    The Vault
    Single Seed Center
    The Choice

    Any of these have seeds. The first list are all located in the Us. The second list are European banks. You are going to be hard pressed to get much for $35 though.

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