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help omg plz halp

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by THCvision, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I just smoked a bowl of some rally good weed and i thnk im going to fucking die or turn into dark matter or some shit. i think im




    and more

    and these. these are cinasticks.

    and they are


    im going to dark matter acaation form now. basically im coalesing into the surroundings. contrubuting my chemicals to the larger consciouness. the energy flows from me into it. as im fixtured to pillars that hold our world from theres.
  2. you think therefor you are.
  3. Enjoy that while it lasts.
  4. Your one with the herb, Anakin :smoke:
  5. you are a lucky man

  6. No, man, don't say that. Dude died at the end of that song!
  7. look out for that zebra behind you

  8. I died?
  9. Wish I could join ya mate.
  10. oops
  11. did you know you can trip off of 15lbs of banana skins?
  12. i wish i could get this high again:eek:
  13. yall ain't getting high are u?
  14. Make sure you say hi to the purple koala on your back.

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