Help! Nute burn, P lockout or WTF!?!?!

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  1. Sup guys, my first grow is just under way, have been grwoing a little jack herer in coco coir. Before I start on the problem i will give all details. I am only growing one plant under CFLs, I currently have 250watts consisting of 1x 125 Watt red CFL and 1x 125 Watt blue CFL. (Plan to change to an LED in flowering, no HPS OR MH). My temps are around 24-27 celcius, usually 26. My rh is low, hahah, 20-40, usually at 30. I started feeding my little plant at about a week after the first leaves came out and just as the second pair was starting to come out, i am using Canna COCO nutrients alongside CalMag. It sas started in little solo cups and transplated into a maybe 5l pot, im going for a final 3gal smart pots. I started feeding at 25% strength (100% = 4ml/1l of water) so i was goving 1ml. They loved it but after about a week the problem started, once the second leaves were as big as the first leaves. The first leaves got ONE, yes ONE! Brown spot which grew larger with every day, it consumed about 50% of the leaves. By this time the third set of leaves were quite big and at the same time i raised nutes to 50% (2ml/1l of water). And the second pair of leaves started to get the same problem as the first leaves did. The same problem came when the fourth set of leaves came, nutes were now at 100% , third leaves just tand9mly grew a tiny or tow little fucking brown spots and just grow from there really! Fuck i think, god dammit!
    Right my runoff pH was a bit off for about a week but that does not explain why the same thing happened before! (BTW my ph in is about 6-6.5 and my runoff oh ia about 5.6-6, i know its quite high for coco but its in the 'positive range' but when i use ph down or up solutions, my runoff ph is fucking incredibly high high or low, i mean my liquid ph tester doesnt have that scale ) Right it may be my first grow, but... i have read all about cannabis cultivation for about half a year before starting, i basicly knew 95% of theory behind indoor cannabis cultivation.
    BTW i dont think that ppm/ec dont matter that much that this would happen? Maybe a salt build up but i water untill runoff and my theory says that salts are being washed away with excess water. Yet still i flushed (3gals ph 6 water) it two days before thia post so i dont think its anything to do with salts.
    What i was taught on the internet that a nute burn is yellowing tips, however i may suspect that she is simply nute burned, in a different way?
    Another thing i think it may be is a P lockout (or very doubtfully a deficiency haha right?)
    I have read through plant problems on forums and nothig seems to be just like this, anyone know anythings? BTW love the forum.
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  3. @BudButler thanks man.
    If you look at the first pic, you can see that the plant is thriving, i see daily growth, the top seven finger leafes (one of them still very tiny fourth fingers) were not visible yesterday afternoon and now at evening time they are quite big.

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