Help! Nute burn/light stress/mold?

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What’s is wrong with my plants?

  1. Nute burn

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  2. Light stress

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  3. Mildew

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  1. I am growing gorilla glue/purple punch and a two weeks ago I started getting burnt tips. I have been monitoring it. And it’s slowly progressed until this. Two weeks ago it had high humidity 77% I then fixed it it’s been at 47% to 50% for two weeks. No mildew smell plus I add hydro guard alternative southern garden for safety. I also have my light only 9 inches away because it can’t go higher. My lights a 1000watt fecida. I put it to 60% and now 40% in case. Also nutrients are only at 700 ppm which is low I know. I always had low nutes but hiked it up to higher levels is it possible these plants just aren’t used to higher nutes when they get them they burnt? I’m on week 5 of flower for these and hopefully someone can help diagnose my problem. Kinda freaking out to get to the end and possibly ruined.

    upload_2022-10-10_23-29-54.jpeg upload_2022-10-10_23-30-43.jpeg
  2. still it takes 2-3 days for the nutes to work there way thru
    check the link perhaps ..miss a feed .................Nutrient Burn

    good l uck
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  3. Nutrient burn along with possible lock up.
    My advice . Great advice above . Feed only calmag for the next couple times . This will help you with nutrient lock up.
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  4. Thanks really appreciate it. I’m shocked that it can burn at only 700 ppm and ec is only 1.4 I thought that was very low for flowering.
  5. Also how long should I feed it just cal mag or water? Will this impact yield?
  6. No i will not impact yield.. Your plant already has nutrients stored. I want to say 10 days just calmag. I would cut your nutrients a bit to 75 % along with calmag after 10 days. Then post back to use with updated. After harvest let me know i will accept samples . lol.
  7. awesome I really appreciate it! N I will lol
  8. update the plants are looking fine one leaf is showing lightness in veins. Thank god for lst got over 26 colas
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  9. So I cut nutrients to almost nothing and it seems the problem is getting worse some leaves are getting very light with dark green in the center the bud sites now have spread
  10. Also tips of leaves keep continuing the burnt look on the tips
  11. are you giving calmag as well ?
  12. i was giving it cal mag 2ml per gallon but I cut nutes since then should I add some? Honestly I’m thinking light stress the lower leaves and buds are unaffected. But even after turning it to 35% it’s still continuing. Purple stems towards the light and none under
  13. i d
    Also just for learning purposes what does the cal mag do? Help restore?
  14. C
    could be magnesium deficiency all the signs are there normally I put 15ml of cal mag in 4 gallons of water when I switched nutes and water
  15. Stupid question, but you got your ph dialed in?
  16. yup check it every day it’s very well looked after. I’ve grown many times soil outdoor indoor hydroponics never had problems except leaf septoria but fixed that
  17. If you want to test the light stress hypothesis, you need to increase distance. If you can't raise light, then you gotta lower the plant. You could try supercropping as a last ditch if nothing else works re: chemistry mods.
  18. It is not possible to raise the light it’s lst pretty low plus it’s in the 7th week of flower so the branches are very hard and would just break. This is a pic from a few weeks ago so u can see how low it already is
  19. I had to do some major supercropping to save a plant that stretched too far into my light and was getting cooked. But way earlier than yours. The stems did snap pretty badly but I wrapped in grafting tape for 7-10 days it grew knuckles and recovered. Your plant does look like a combo of nutrient burn and lockout, but if you got all those bases covered, then I dunno. best of luck!

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