HELP! northern lights disaster

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PotMunky, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. my dad left town and left me in charge of his three green children. i know very little about growing. after he left this morning, i went to admire them for a bit. to my great dismay, the northern lights had been chewed down by termites (i think they're termites). its still connected to the roots but just barely. is it possible to save it? not only that, he has an afghan something or other and it has weird white patches all over it. is this a fungus or a bug and how do i save it? please help, my dads gonna kill me.
  2. LOL I will be watching the news to hear about "Dad Kills Son Over Destroying His Mary Jane Plants"
  3. whut the fuck did you do, sounds like you fucked up this time uh.
  4. how did it get raided with bugs when normally it doesnt? maybe he uses some shit you needed to use or change or something
  5. sorry but when dear old dad comes home the only thing he is going to smoke is your ass stay kool lol
  6. lol, sooooo true :D

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