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  1. alright so i figure i am going to get this shit under way here i am currantly building a grow box so it can fit in my closet so it is a lil stealthy to look like the walls i like that :hello: but heres the thing i havent grew in 5-6 years and pretty much everything flew outa my head but i remeber alot now i been hearin carbon air filters and sprays and what not and i am going to grow wit some cfl's i juss wanna no whats the best and the worst thing to get for a grow box??? and how much air movment the target temp and identiafy a male at the first stages i know how to colone and what kind of soil or should i use clay pellets and when germaneting should i use them lil grids to start out in when they done germinating? jus anything you have to add pleaze
  2. Wut


  3. If you haven't looked around, there is a huge section devoted to all your growing questions and needs. Posting anything here would pale in comparison to the level of knowledge and accumulated information in the growing section. Reading...its fundamental.
  4. "No rookies" he says in his first post, which is in a thread concerning growing that he started in the marijuana news section.:rolleyes:
  5. seems to me stealth is a problem.i nuggest moving to a more stealthy place to grow our favored plant. or swith-up to a more stealthy plant.

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