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  1. trying to find a brand name on this does anyone know? it doesnt say anything on it. there is a 750watt hps bulb in it

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    it's likely distributed by the same company as the ballast it came with :smoke:
    i'm sure there is some sort of identification on there somewhere
    if not, oh well. fire it up, makes sure it functions properly
  3. Looks like a standard cool tube to me..would be impossible to tell you the brand because they all look exactly the same.
  4. hmm well the ballast i have fpr it is a lumatek but it works just tested it 10 mins ago
    good to know thank you guys
  5. ya looks just like it thanks for the link .I guess I got a amazing deal then. got it for 100bucks off a friend since he had no use for it
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    Yeah you definitely did..the ballast alone is worth twice that.
    Get a metal halide bulb for veg and you'll be set.
  7. I dont even have a indoor setup yet just using the power of the sun for the last 5 years.I still have alot to learn for the indoor grow but im planning on using a t5 and only veg for a week gonna do rdwc SOG

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