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  1. i have two gro lights from wal mart 65w that enough? i also have a work light. one of those bright ass ones. it looks like the right spectrum looks yellow. umm any advice i got two plants one is a skunky smelling one that just started flowering and the other smells like pine its small and has buds on it longer that the plant is tall but theyre not thick please help me!
  2. i ran one of them walmart grow bulbs with 9 plants. you should be fine, your just gonna have slow growth.
  3. Yeah this shit is growing slow but that work lamp utility lamp or whatever is working better. the leaves are almost sticking straight up i hope it works. also the smaller plant looks skinny or something but has a lot of buds they are very sparse and it doesnt look good any advuce???
  4. save your $$ and get a decent light, you can start with flor, but if u want strong plants with big buds invest in a good metal halide or high pressure sodium. also are u fertilizing?
  5. im using some 15-30-15 shit and i have some Schultz expert gardener bloom plus 10-60 -10 which one is better?
  6. You can use either of those if you've switched lights to 12/12. I have the same Shultz ferts for flowering (10-60-10). If you're still in vegetative then you need something with a higher nitrogen level. I'm using Peter's 20-20-20 for vegetative.
  7. que paso vato love. u speak spanish? newayz shit man im flowering right now i turned out the work light and am running those two gro lights about 6 inches from tops. that shultz is good for flowering? i hope so im gonna start using it again cuz i was using that other fert. man my plants are slow growing. well it is my first time shit im suprised they are this big the skunk is about 20-25" and the other is about 18-20" they are like 4 and a half months old. i dont know what the fuck is going on the smaller one is covered in pistils butthere is only like 2 onthe stem and the another very very sparse. i guess the light was too far from the plants huh. well i really want some good homegrown. smokeable at least. please help me more. hehe
  8. have you picked a bowl a leaf from them to see whut they will taste like, well to atleast have an idea? just wondering, i was over at a friends and i was uh.... testin out his plants... there fine!
  9. Sup Pimp-D! I speak very little espanol.

    Tengo gusto de español pero no soy muy bueno en él. Mi cuñada es a medias mejicana, pero yo... soy justo un muchacho blanco que tuvo gusto de la sangre de la película en la sangre Out:Bound de Honor.

    I just got my 430W Hps kit today! I'm so excited. By the end of the week I should start flowering since the leaves on my plants are touching the bulbs of the flouros and I have no more links in my chains!

    I'd suggest getting something with more watts. More watts=more lumens. I know they're expensive but just think of it as a money maker and not a money taker. I'll only be selling some to my closest friends who dabble in dealing pot a bit. They can take it off my hands and deal with the bs that comes with it.
    I'm sure it will pay for itself in time. Good Luck!

    BTW I haven't used any flowering ferts yet. I used Miracle-Gro's Bloom Buster for an outdoor grow and that worked very well. Schultz's version (what we have) should do the job just fine:smoke:

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  10. orale. shit ese yo soy de la ciudad Hustletown (HOUSTON). me gusta ver la gente mejicana que se trata bien. mucha de las razas le vale verga. i like the unity tho nice light man shit im trying to get ia light but im afraid itll run the shit outta my light bill i pay bout 100 $ a month already

    ....."what yall know bout them Texas boyz, comin down in candy toys, smokin weed, and talkin noize."

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