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Help New to smoking!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by giants1080, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hello all i am a new smoker and i wanted to get myself my own piece. I was thinking about getting a glass one hitter but im not sure. What should i get, i want it to be small for school. I was thinking a dugout with a glass one hitter but is that even possibile. Help.If you have any suggestions please leave a web adress to it thanks.
  2. Check out GC's pipes.
  3. invest in a nice one hitter if you live in the dorms.
    if you are going to college you will thank me.
  4. websites please i am newbie??
  5. ^For fucks' sake, use Google. That should have been your first idea. Plus, not only would that get you faster answers, but it's agaisnt the rules to post links to other online headshops.
  6. like i said i new at this ha
  7. I bought a great bowl for $20. It is really big. A small bowl costs like $8-10.
  8. go to a brick and mortar head shop and look around, find what you like, pay, leave. done
  9. get a spoon. or whatever looks tight to you. just find a local headshop theyre cheaper than online anyway
  10. Don't get one to bring to school... Are you asking to get caught?
  11. [quote name='"Xblunt-manX"']Don't get one to bring to school... Are you asking to get caught?[/quote]

    Swerd up or have like a fail safe system like if your school does random searches u have a stash spot near the school. I just bought a locker Ina building across the street in a hotel perfect.

  12. wait wtf?:confused:
  13. what the fuck? you bought a locker at a hotel to hide your piece???

    what :confused:
  14. Don't smoke at school dumbass.
  15. Don't do shit at school unless you like working at McDonalds.
  16. Buy something from grasscity! We know they're reliable, after all.

    I'd definitely go with a one-hitter for stealth smoking. I have a metal one, but if I use it too much the heat burns my throat :( I also don't suggest spending too much on a piece, especially a first one. You're probably going to break it and need to replace it.

    And @ the people saying not to bring it to school... OP can either
    a, be a high school student who wants to smoke after school but before going home or
    b, be talking about living in a dorm and needing to hide it for health & safety inspections
  17. You guys are no fun.

    Buy a glass spoon! It's not as concealable as a chillum but they are more versatile pipes! Or you could get one of those stealth pipes that look like pens or markers.
  18. Yea across the street from my school is a hotel with lockers which kind of work like lockers at airports. You pop in some change and leave your paraphernalia behind.
  19. I would recommend buying from a LHS, unless you want to wait a month to get your piece.

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