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help new smoker here

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jasyky, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. my dealers gave me what looks like fake shit to me(idk) what do i do?


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  2. looks kinda fake but what does it smell like?

  3. Put it on a pizza. I'm putting my money on OG Oregano or Fire Basil, both very strong so go easy with it.
  4. that's definitely not legit, I definitely wouldn't smoke it, or do anything with it. Your "dealer" is a liar and a thief
  5. it looks like pieces of cigar leaf paper mixed in some crappy lettuce from leftover Chipotle.

  6. Your "dealer" is not cool. Throw that shit in the can and never call him again.
  7. Lmao, exactly what I thought when I saw it. Shit looks like he ordered a chipotle bowl and took off the top lettuce.

    Got some fucked up dealers nowadays. What happened to the days when dealers would just skimp on first time buyers. Like .8 or .9. This shit is just fucked up in general. Yeah bro, don't even bother with it. Fuck him. Fuck his "weed". Find a better dealer. Or if you can, grow your own.
    And I think that is bits of tobacco.
  8. There's definitely some tobacco in there

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  9. Sorry, bruh.[​IMG] The green pieces could be shaky bud, but the rest of that shit is tobacco, or some other form of fake shit. You've straight up been had, old bean.

  10. Looks like pipe tobacco mixed with shake.
  11. That looks like trimmings mixed in with leftover blunt tobacco that's cut out when you pack it with weed. It could still be legit but I hope you didn't pay top $ for it.
  12. It could be weed mixed with tobacco. I would be very careful with that. Does it smell like sweet tea?
  13. It looks like maybe...10% might actually be weed out of all that. Honestly, that looks bad for even shake. That guy needs his ass kicked.

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