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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SpykeJuggalo, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. hello i have a plant and it has started to flower but the flowers are not making bud they are just lil flowers and it dont seem to be makin nugs at all just lil flowers, ive never seen this before is this normal good/ bad? what do i do? if required i could get a pic up on here, reply thank you
  2. Pics are necessary. Could it be a male plant?
  3. also, from the time your plants start to flower, you wont be happy with how it looks for atleast 2 weeks.. it takes some time, if its a girl, all is probably good.

    these flowers your talking about, i think is the beginning of your cola's starting to form...

    but yea.. pix of what your seeing would be the best thing... even if theyre not completely clear.
  4. i did not have a proper light set up when i was given the plant, and i was told to set it to 12-12 for flowering so i did that with what light i could at the time, and the plant started to bud and the flowers look yellowish and would open and drop pollen all over, and now that ive gotten a new light. there are new greenish flowers starting, im wondering if i should clip all the buds off so it will start all fresh buds now that i have a proper light. or even maybe clip them back and set the light time to not flowering hours, and let it grow for a while, then have it start flowering again. pictures coming soon

  5. Doesnt that mean its a male plant? Male plants are like male Confessors...kill em as soon as you know what they are...unless of course if your gunna breed them xD
  6. i do not believe my plants are male, from what ive seen on the internet they dont look male. i really feel it was the bad light i had before, i think it was barely keeping the plants alive but not allowing any of the buds to grow, they would just open turn yellow drop pollen & fall off. now that i have this new proper light its growing new green flowers that are not openning or turning yellow. im just wondering if i should clip all the flowers off so that then it will grow 100% new green healthy buds with this new light. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. Forgive me if its just me being dumb...but Ive never seen a MJ plant that looks like that...
  8. Wow a full grown MALE. Ive read that you can make hash out of a male but it proably whouldnt yeild the effort. Honestly you should proably just throw that plant out or make hash.

  9. Well the DESCRIPTION sounded like a male but forgive me Ive never seen what a mature male plant looks like because I only cared to learn about the me, the males wont even be allowed to get to that stage.
  10. dude you learned somthing thing from growing it im sure so its not a total waste. Growing is a learning process. You get better after every grow failed or not, and thats all that matters. Good luck with your next grow OP:wave:

  11. Im glad we are all smoking tonight...this isnt my grow lol
  12. sorry im baked:smoking:
  13. even if it is male it can still produce buds, they will just not be as potent as a female. should i try the buds & lets new grow or not? i know that there is something wrong with them because of the other light i had, you guys arent getting that. i was using a fucking construction lamp with like 500 watts to begin with because my friend was like 'here take this i cant have it anymore' and i had no other light to use. i now have a proper grow light set up, and it has started to look better since, but should i cut off the buds and let it grow new since i have the new light. i dont care about it being male or not
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    Is the male marijuana plant completely useless except for the fact that it produces pollen which leads to the production of seeds? Can it still be harvested and used? | Answerbag

    As far as your light issue, whatever light you DID use was sufficient enough to nurture the plant til you were able to get a good light setup. It didnt mutate your plant or anything...a male is a male so the light you used...pretty much irrelevant at this seem to be getting defensive so Im not trying to argue. The facts are pretty much on the table.
  15. ive seen a male plant with full nugs before, why are my flowers drying and falling off, and not becoming nugs?
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    I have never heard of a male plant having nugz on it. The only way I can see this being possible is if the plant went "hermi", whether it is over stress or genetics.

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