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  1. Once again, i’m a first time grower. Not long ago I posted pictures of my extremely small plant with some leave issues when it was about a month old. With some trial and error, I 100% have seen massive improvement being almost 2 months old. Lower leaves are a bit rough but haven’t gotten worse since my first post. ( The first pictures are most recent and lasts ones are from my 1 month post) Almost 2ft, which is pretty decent for how it looked not long ago.

    Is anybody able to sex the plant? or have any idea when I should induce flowering?

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  2. I dont grow under light's but i think you need way better lighting. As for sex can't tell with those pictures.
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  3. It gets mostly natural sunlight and are put under these lights once it gets dark. I had it under an LED for the first month without the natural light, switched to two CFL bulbs with slight change surprisingly and stuck with using the CFL & sun. Since it’s for personal use I didn’t want to go all out. But i’d totally upgrade if/when needed.

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  4. I'm not sure about the sexing , my old eyes see female in the one pic, but I'd start LST or topping sooner rather than later or that plant may grow past your ceiling before you know it
    This pic is LST "Low Stress Training"

    As for flowing unless you are going to manipulate the light ,"unless it's an auto"
    I'd say you're pretty much under the suns command

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  5. Sorry I may have mixed the comments and the original comment all together .

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  6. You will need a lot more light. Your plant is really stretchy/lanky.

    In the third image 2 nodes down from the top it looks like you have a pre-flower but very hard to tell. Can you take some closer images of the internode spaces.
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  7. I took pictures of most of the nodes, I genuinely can’t tell the gender bc there’s no bulbs nor white hairs. Over the next few days i’m going to induce flowering. this is the most ghetto setup but i’m a broke student and had to use what I have & surprised it’s even gotten this far. I’ll eventually upgrade when I can, but obviously this plant will be long gone by then.

    [​IMG] IMG_2899.JPG [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    I think it may be too early to tell.
    May have to wait a few more weeks and watch for signs to develope.

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  9. hmm I don’t see any pre flowers. Switching to 12/12 for a week or two should force it to show its sex. Then you can go back to your veg lighting schedule to put it bag into veg.
  10. This is what my plant is looking like today, I changed the light schedule to start flowering. Has been for almost 2 weeks. still no idea the gender. The stem is brown from trying low stress training, and being paranoid that it was going to wither away so I let it heal it. The plant is a little over 2 feet now & somewhat filling out. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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