Help New Clones How not to transplant stress??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ltsmash2014, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Hey everybody!

    So I'm super pumped :D - I just got my first two clones from one of my trusted dispensaries, and as of now I have them repotted, put away, and resting. 

    Without lights. I still am not sure what to do! I've heard it's best to let the plants sit and rest in the dark to allow the roots to acclimate and settle, but I've also heard you need light to dry the wet soil? 

    Idk, I'm a noob. What should my lights be at immediately following a rooted clone transplant to soil?
    Thanks ! :hello:
  2. Ok, I went to smoke a bowl and thought about it. So, to clarify, I already looked enough enough to get by, so I'm not asking for a whole tutorial. 

    BUT any tips or bits of helpful wisdom would be cool. the main reason for my post is just:

    Lights on or off after a rooted clone transplant to soil? before going to cycle
  3. when you get the clone and transplanted it, set the light hr 24 or 18hr. I never heard of leaveing the clone in dark for roots.
  4. My clones never break away from their normal light schedule. If they have roots and are repotted, put them in the veg room! Just make sure you ease into the lighting if you are using a strong HID. Usually clones are in a low-light room to help focus energy in growing roots. Going from a weak light to a 600w MH a foot away from the plant will piss her off for sure!
  5. Thanks guys, you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a clear answer to what to do with post-transplant lights. at least when i looked. 

    But ya, I'll just set them into their light cycle. I'm doing 18-6, and have them going to bed at 2am this early morning. 
    but reddice, I had seen a few people saying it was a good idea to let the roots rest. I may have just been confusing ppl saying 24-0 was too much, but one guy said to leave it in the dark for sure.
    I was gonna post the article link, but I can't find it now, too stoned :smoking: 


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