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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnii, May 4, 2011.

  1. Alrite so I'm new @ growing and need a bit of answers to help me out on this.

    Sooo I'm growing outside @ a site iv found. And I'm thinking about tieing my plant down for reasons.. I started germinating on march 9. Transfered it into a pot on march 11. I let it grow in the pot for 31 days or a month then transfered into the ground on april 10. So its been growing from the start for 53 days or a month and 22 days sorry if I'm wrong with the math...

    So what I been wanting to kno is when should I start to tie the plant down to the ground? How I should do it without breaking the stem? or if I even should do that? cause I'm trying 2 get the best result out of growing / helping the plant to produce more bud or w.e u call it...

    And if you got any more answers help me out on this and at the moment I'm using miracle grow potting soil it has a few nutes in it as far as I read on the bag and I'm not planing on adding nutes into the water or anymore nutes than in the soil already has that bullshit is 2 complicated for me 2 try and figure out.. so I just water it with regular water and so far the plant is looking healthy.. (thinking about adding pics idk yet)
  2. Hey John,

    So it sounds to me like you had a month old health planty that was grown indoor, and now you have transplanted it outside into some MG soil, and its been growing outside in that medium for about 22 days?

    Tieing a plants branches down will not damage it if done properly. There are tons of threads around about Low Stress Training, thats what it is called.

    I'm not sure if LST is good for outdoor grows, I've never gone OD.

    Maybe some pics would help.

  3. Thx for replying !

    I transfered the seedling into the pot and left it outside for bout a month watering it and all that and I transferd it into the ground @ on april 10 and its been growing ever since and I'm woundering if I even should tie it down just thinking if it would get enof sunlight if I do that and any tips will help !

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