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    20190706_225923.jpg 20190706_230249.jpg Hello out there! I am a first time grower here. I have a plant that is showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, but also has "the claw" which would suggest a toxicity, am I wrong? Or is there something else i should be trying to diagnose?
  2. Pictures.
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  3. Purple pictures dont help, and impossible to tell how dark green your leave's are. But yes the clawing is N toxicity, best to flush with 3 time's the volume of your pot's to wash out the salts.
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  4. Yeah I kinda took those in a hurry. Thanks, I'll do that. What would explain the few yellowing and dying leaves at the bottom?

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  5. My understanding is as time goes on the leaves near the bottom no longer are receiving as much light with all the growth up top and therefore isn't needed so they just slowly die?

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  6. If it's an even yellowing/paling of the lower leaves then it's probably nitrogen deficiency. Still, pics in natural light of the bottom portion of the plant would be more helpful to be 100% sure.
  7. Nitrogen toxicity, causing a "N" lockout causing a "N" deficiency?
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  8. Yea I'm confused too lol. The top first pic doesn't seem to be the same plant as the 2nd pic imho. The leaves of the 2nd pic look like what you said above, nitrogen toxicity. They have this downward cupping that's suppose to be unique only on nitrogen toxicity plants with a shiny look to them. However, the leaves of the first pic look flat, dry and paling. So I'm guessing the first pic may have nitrogen deficiency, while the rest of the plants in the 2nd pic have nitrogen toxicity. At least that's what it looks to me. I'm still waiting on pics in natural light from the OP for better clarification. :confused_2:
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