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  1. I don't understand what is causing 2 of the 4 identical clones to be in such a droop ?
    Here's the story so far
    The healthy upright pair were put outside in the shed about 2 weeks ago under the led 'fluro' tubes 18/6 , day temps have been 14 - 22 degrees celsius and night temps have been as low as 8-10 or so , fairly cold but they went ok. These are the 'insurance' clones in case the other pair don't make S1 seeds.
    The droopy pair went outside 4 days ago into the sex tent under 2x qb288's and now look very sad. These are the 2 for seed making and one has been getting C.S for 2 weeks while under 12/12 .
    I have swapped them around in the spaces , now the droopy ones are under 12/12 led tubes , to see if that makes a difference .
    Question is , is it the temp shock that has caused the droop or something else ? If it was the light change The swap should tell that .
    I'm thinking a pH flush might be needed but i am worried about waterlogging in this cold damp weather .
    first the healthy cuts , DSCN4179.JPG
    now the sick ones in the tent DSCN4177.JPG
    and under the led tubes after the swap . the 2 spaces are right next to each other so the get the same temp and humidity. DSCN4189.JPG
  2. Those look like sad root bound plants, pots look kinda small for a plant that size, I would repot and water and watch if they bounce back, that's my opinion anyway
  3. the thing is they are all the same age clones in the same size pots , and only 2 are really sad .
  4. Tiny pots. The other two probably just arent showing the pain yet. Plants are stressed, stretchered and showing early signs of several deficiencies, probably due to the small root zone volume.
  5. I've seen my clones come out of clone with 3ft roots on some and others have 3in roots. You dont know what's going on in those pots with roots, I would take picts when taken from pot of the roots and show what they look like.
  6. Sorry I hate reading. I would check roots and plant for bugs, mold or pm?? That's where I start first

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  7. I've potted up plants with more root binding than this and they have been fine. These are healthy roots i think . DSCN4190.JPG DSCN4191.JPG
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  8. The roots are healthy but the plants are showing spindly growth, lime green shoots and droop. With small pots you basically have zero margin for error. Those roots are healthy but clearly bound too. Unless the nutrient solution and watering schedule are absolutely perfect your are going to see problem, which you are. You can try to find a perfect small pot formula or just take the easy way out and pot up. Personally I like the easy way but to each their own.
  9. Yeah ,I'm going to pot up , it's just that i don't think that's why only 2 of the 4 are drooping, so i put the question.
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  10. Have you fed any calmag? Your stems are awfully purple looking...
  11. I think the purple is mostly from the cold in this phenotype, here is a pic of the last days of seed ripening of the previous occupant of the tent , temps down to 7 C. recently. DSCN4140.JPG
  12. i potted them up tonight , i think they already look better after the change of rooms, and turned on another
    led tube.
    conversely the previously upright pair are now a little droopy since moving into the tent DSCN4192.JPG
    I will pot them up tomorrow but i am thinking it has to do with the tent and the light,time will tell (something or other)
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  13. thanks everyone for the comments .
    I've just been out between downpours to look at the lumens each room is making .
    Under the led tubes at 4-6'' its about 19,000 to 21,000 lumens, in the tent under the meiju qb288's it was 60,000 lumens until i turned it down to 20,000 afterall they are only veging.

    What i think might be happening is that the droopy plants suffer for being moved from under four 9watt 2ft fluro tubes putting out 14-15,000 in the cloning cupboard at a comfortable 19-25 degrees C to the tent outside with its temps of 8-19 degrees C and lumens of 60,000+ ,
    just goes to show you can't judge the brightness by eye .

    I am going to leave them all the way they are for now with the lights at 20,000 lumens , maybe look at the runoff pH ,
    Hopefully every girl , girl/boy will recover and i can swap them back to the tent and slowly increase the lumens
  14. Now that I look again. What size pots are u in? If soil I would think u are rootbound

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  15. Looking a little better tonight , I've read that temps below 10 C inhibit the uptake of phosphorus and cause the stems and leaves to turn purple so that's probably whats going on here.
    They are getting extra P/K because they are in flower and some cal/mag too.
    These plants are just for keeping the phenotype alive ,i've had it for maybe 6 winters already.
    I suppose trying to breed them in the depths of winter has only added to the stresses. DSCN4195.JPG

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