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  1. Hi guys! I'm planning an outdoor grow as I cant grow indoors and of course, dont want to buy weed when I can grow it!!

    Ive ran into a couple problems already and was wondering if any of you guys could throw me some ideas..

    I need a method of drying the bud outdoors, i've thought of using a regular camping tent but humidity and heat would be an issue.

    Please! Does anyone even have a suggestion that I could work on and tailor to suit? Thank you in advance
  2. No friends? Paper bag method in a cooler with vent holes cut in the side? Maybe cover it with a mosquito net so bugs do not attack the buds.

    U will have to read up on the paper bag method if u do not already know and rain would still be an issue. Maybe get batter operated fans to circulate air.

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  3. None of them are willing to let me dry out weed in their houses lmao, shitty friends, IK.

    Thanks for the idea though, will definitely look into a cooler and battery operated fans. Genius.
    Thank you, very much.
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  4. That's not shitty friends man. They're just looking out for themselves. What we do isn't for everyone. Is there any dry, not humid outdoor buildings you can use? Just hang them up if so.
  5. Yeah, I get that, gotta' respect it whether I like it or not.

    I mean other than my shed, there's not really much choice, and even then, my shed would probably get quite humid..

    Think I'll go with the coolerbox and paperbag idea, though.
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    There's lot of options for you, maybe an oldschool guerilla grower can chime in with some tricks from the field?

    If you just make extracts with the plants you grow, no drying is necessary, but there are other processes involved.

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