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  1. Any help on this would be much appreciated

    Please see pics attached

    I have tried everything but this issue does not seem to want to go away

    The plants are 4 weeks old using hydro oxy pots

    Temp 75
    Humidity 47
    Using Cyco Nutrients A & B also B1 Boost and Dr Repair and following the dosage to the limit

    I'm keeping the ph level between 5.4 and 6

    Am I worrying about nothing???

    Many thanks for any help in advance

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  2. You could very well be lacking in a bit if calcium, it's absorbed best as a PH of 5.4 to 5.8 and if you put through to much Potassium or nitrogen it can cause calcium to be less effective. You could foliar feed with one teaspoon of dolomite lime per quart of water. Add Cal/Mag if you have it, or any Chemical Fert with Calcium will help, but it moves really slow in the plant, so foliage feeding with help faster, then nutes, but easy on the nutes. You might want to flush your system.
  3. Thanks for the input - I tried some Epsom salts at 1 teaspoon per gallon been 24 hours now, going to see if I have any change in 2moz. If not I think I will change the water in the pots been following the nutrient chart to the ml
    Hopefully they will get better
  4. Update pics from the sic plants ! Looking worse than better
    I'm out of ideas !

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  5. At this stage I'd say that would be the wise thing to do... flush your system and start with properly PH'd water, get your nute regimen correct and go from there. You've had you PH right, so something is out of whackage in your nutes... either to much of something or not enough of the other. After flush, I'd apply no more than 50% nutes.

    In all honestly the first pic looks like P deficit to me, Phosphorus is absorbed best in Hydro at ph levels of 5.8 to start, but you say your keeping your PH @ 5.4 at times, if your doing so more often than not, and not getting P in there, that might be it.

    So, flush... properly PH'd water, then nutes @ 50% with Magnesium and Phosphorous. And, I know nothing of the nutes you're using... make sure you get all nutrients to the roots, including all micro's.

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