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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this, so here it is:

    I'm a patient in a non-medical state that needs to move to a mmj state. I don't care which it is, I'd prefer Western though for the weather. the thing is, I'm unemployed and can't really move anywhere that would let me get my life started. I qualify in many states for fibromyalgia, intractable pain, nausea, and vomiting...all of which are kept in line by mmj. I haven't had much luck finding a job in my area since I've been out of High School; The Marine Corps was my career path until I got my diagnosis my last year in USMCJROTC.

    If I could find work at a dispensary or the like it would be my ticket out of a state that labels me a criminal and keeps me from living a healthy life. My interest is in herbal/natural medicines, and working in a place where I could actually help to heal people is my dream. Does anyone have any tips, or suggestions on how/if this is possible, or if any dispensaries have done this for people?
    ---Much Thanks
  2. How knowledgeable are you with medical mj?

    Any cultivation skills? Do you grow ur own meds?

    Wa and co just got legal so i Would say those are your best choices right now. I live in cali and its not the place to go if u trying to get a job in the mj scene. Most likeky they want bigboobed bimbos that dont know a thing about bud or ya know the owner personally.

    Mmj is still pretty underground man....Its all about who ya know. Or who knows you.

    Really its a good goal But i think you should dream bigger. Start a grow, turn it into medical grade hemp oil...and dispurse it to true medical cancer patients that need this stuff b4 they take chemo. Free of charge. Thats a huge help and since co and Wa is legal you very Well could do this. Hell you could do this anywhere just depends on How you feel.
    This takes time patience tho...
    Spread the love man, everyone needs to do their part :smoke: :wave:

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