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    The seedlings were probably wet, and you had the lights too close and fried them?

    I don't know if you can salvage them. I'd just keep them going with barely any light and see what happens while you start some more seeds...

    Once the seedlings sprout just put them under ur t-5 about a foot away, and remove the dome. Don't spray or anything, just water them normally. If they start stretching then lower the light, and have a fan blowing across the bulbs.
  2. I gotta question for you mobitsfa. I did some research and found that the purple stems and wilting over is usually from too much water and not enough light. I then moved the light closer and watered them less. Do you think less light will help them?
  3. Holy fuckin shit mate. Where are you getting your information?

    Those plugs will dry up before you're back downstairs. They're already bone dry and watering them less will kill them, if you haven't already. Start seeds off in a seed cup or a 1L pot, water it til run through and then leave them to get on with life. Starting them in a plug like that gives them no stability and you risk losing them all at the very first hurdle.

  4. Why are you making that statement about the plug? It looks like a Rapid Rooter, or equivalent. They are great for starting seeds! I use them all the time.
  5. I don't think I made myself clear. I was talking about the advice to water them less.

    Far as the plugs themselves, if you're going into coco for example, there's no point in them. They can be used, but they give no room to a new grower and dry out in an instant. A dry period to a freshly hatched seedling can mean death in no time, whereas a 1L pot or seed cup watered til run through and a prop light a few inches away is close to a guaranteed healthy start at the most delicate point in the plant's life.

    If you're going into something where that isn't an option, then plugs it is. There's nothing wrong with them as such, and they do a job for a lot of people, but if you're using a medium where you don't need them, I wouldn't use them.
  6. To much light to soon. When they lean over its not overwatering its that the lights were to high and they stretched. I personally again with the above post. Rapid rooted plugs aren't very good for sprouting seeds. They have there place in cloning tho.I don't see why germing is such a mistery to people. I just drop a bean into a shot class for 12 to 24 hours then plant into a 1.5 inch rockwool cube. Wait then into a solo cup with hydraton and onto my flood tray.
  7. I just got my info from a local guy who owns a hydro shop here in town. I have no experience growing anything before so this is a first time run for me

  8. My wife is a master gardener and she loves the things. I grow in hydroton but I find the plugs much better than anything else I have found to use to establish my seedlings.

    Mine do not dry out because, first they are in a humidity dome, then when place in hydroton, I cover the top of the pot with panda film. As I water a little from the top as the roots are reaching the soup, I just water right around the stem onto the plug. The plug will hold the water longer than the hydroton. Works great for me.

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