Help Needed Yellowing Leafs + Pests W/ Pictures

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    Well I don't want this grow to die so I need your help guys!!!
    *the plants are outdoors
    *they are 3 weeks old from seed
    *there's a nice weather everyday and these are some high quality amsterdam seeds planted in some nice soil mix with a bunch of perlite in it..
    *They are being watered with tap water, possibly with a slight acidic ph (maybe around 7) which hang in an open container for at least 24 hours before watering.
    * I fed them only once, on the last watering with some "Bio-Bizz Grow" with a ratio of 3.0.8 on half of the recommended dose, and I am positive that this feeding didn't cause the yellowing.
    Everything was alright in the first 2 weeks but they have recently started to yellow, starting in the lower leafs and climbing up... 
    I have topped the plants about a week ago and as you can see they have already developed two tops and are growing nicely right now except for all the dying leafs and the yellowing...
    Also, on a closer look, I was able to spot small insects on the leafs and some webs hanging between the leafs.. I'll let you check yourself..
    On the first picture, you can see the pests/insects/I don't know what they are called on the leaf, there are two of them, they are white and you'll be able to spot them if you look closely at the upper part of the picture.
    Please let me know what you think as soon as possible, thank you! :eek: 

  2. Those insects look kinda harmless and I doubt they would effect only older growth. I think you should repot them asap thou I imagine they are getting pretty cramped for space. Even better if you have a spot put them in the ground and see if that helps.
  3. One of the pics, the leaves look like you have nute burn. In another pic, its looks like something is eating them + nute burn.
    the overall yellow of the lower leaves (older growth) might also suggest Nitrogen deficiency. Normally its attacks older lower leafs first and works its way up the plant.
    you need a better expert becuase if you dont fix that soon, it could get even worse and maybe kill your plant.
  4. It's definitely not a nute burn, they have only been fed once and with a low dose of organic bio-bizz nutes as we discussed in the previous thread of mine (Tweakz).
    They look bad, I will probably transplant them in the following days, I hope it helps..
    I have added the nutes in the first place because I thought they would fix the nitrogen deficiency (the NPK value is 3.0.8)

    Any expert who could help me out?
    Thanks in advance..
  5. ah srys i didnt see your other thread. Only thought of nute burn, due to the fact of the tips turning yellow.
    There was a N-Def? thats what it looked like to me. 
    Have you tried to treat with neem oil yet to remove the insects? Id start with the obvious problems first, then maybe the not so sure ones might disappear.
  6. ah i gotcha now sry m8 dont read names, only remeber pics/avatars ;D
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    I ended up with neem oil from the local store.
    On the yellowing/burning, mine was doing kinda similar - burning/curling tips and burning the outer edges of the leaf. I also took it to be N burn and possible mag def.
    I got a soil test kit and discovered an abundance of N & K, but P wasn't enough to even register. All I had was a $10 bill, so I bought some fish meal that was 2-18-0. I mixed it into the dirt and now all the new growth is nice and green. I tested the soil again after a few days and the P was just slightly on the deficient side.  Been growing about a half inch taller per day since. PH tested 6.8 soil today. 
    Not claiming perfect soil, but this obviously helped in my situation. I highly recommend a soil test kit. How do you know what your fighting if you don't know where your at? Especially a dumbass beginner like me!
    I bring this up because you said your NPK value is 3.0.8.
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    hmm them insects look like thrips as in harmful to your plant you can get organic spray to kill them do it sooner rather than later as for the yellowning see how it goes with the nutes and those pot have holes in yeah?? what the ph of ya run off
    also 7ph is neutral you want 6.5-6.8 and its very important cause below or above that you can get lock out which wil stop your plants taking up any neuts

    in all get rid of thrips
    sort out ph
    see how it goes also little tip normaly kept to flower butni saw good resulting veg use half dose of molassas along side your other nutes molassas is organic and very helpful it has lots of mag cal and iron as well as potassium and phos but no nitrogen hense why flower but inused in veg too :) 88p for a can that will last you a very long time

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    I think my PH might be higher than 7 even 7.5, how do I lower it to the optimal level?
  11. lemon juice untill your run off is 6.8

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