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  1. These were planted 3 weeks ago in a mix of Dairy Doo soil, peat moss and perlite (~60/20/20). They've been outdoors with our wet, cool, little sun spring. I was able to shield them from the heavier rains, but most of their water has come from rain. Shortly after planting I added a couple teaspoons of Assure Transplant Success (Assure Premium Fertilizers) into the soil for the mycorrhiza.

    The yellow ones are Fast Buds Auto CBD Crack in 5 gal fabric pots, the one with the leaf spots is a freebie Sweet Seeds Big Devil XL in a 7 gallon. The group photo shows more CBD Crack that are healthier for the most part and some Fast Buds Rhino Ryders that are doing well.

    My soil tests at 6.5-7, and any water I give is lowered to 6 (from the tap). A few days ago I added a dose of cal/mag which at first seemed to help, but now the big devil has leaf spots. They are not too wet, the soil drains very well.

    I've been growing a few years and have gardened for much longer so I'm not new. I thought they would grow out of this yellow but it's been persisting too long and seem to be slowing in growth. That plus the spots on the other one have me wondering what to do.
  2. I would try raising the pH of your feed to 6.5 or 7 and see if it clears up. I try to vary the pH of my feedings throughout the week which has kept me pH problem free.

    One other easy solution I have found with tomatoes and alkaline water in the west is adding sulfur to the soil and they watering with tap water. Have not tried this on cannabis to date but see no reason why it wouldn’t work.
  3. It works just fine on Cannabis.
    Southern California and our soil and water are both very alkaline and I run Sulfur and 8.5 ph hose water on everything from the smallest to the biggest. As much as I need to water there was no way I was going to be messing with PHing water every time I needed it so Sulfur in the soil was my fix.

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