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Help needed with strain Joyces

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Eyes4grandpa, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Greetings everyone!!

    Both My Wife and I suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. I accidentally found it blend of three different strains that helps with all of those conditions... Unfortunately, they are not very readily available in the area to which we just moved.
    So... In the interest of being proactive before we run out, I need to ask all of you a question.
    What individual strain or blend of strains do you think is best with these conditions? What works best for you? Or your friends? I just need some guidance here, using readily available strains in general. Please do not use any exotic strains in your suggestions. Budget, also is a bit of a concern.
    I have been researching on Leafly for quite a while, but most of their medical recommendations are iffy at best for us thus far. Thanks in advance for all of your suggestion, and may God bless.

    trying to learn to grow flowers organically.
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    Mango diesel , or any type of sour diesel helps with depression & anxiety. I suffer from both and this strain works. For pain id go with a heavy indica like bubba kush or any type of kush. Afghani kush is a strong indica. Also if you come across girl scout cookies or og kush you should grabb it
  3. I don't have any specific strain suggestions, but you may want to check around on Leafly at what good strains are for your symptoms.

  4. Thanks a ton! All of those are pretty readily available here. Yeah what I can of each of them, and try different combinations.

    Thank you too, sneaky snake. I've been doing research on Leafly each time a new or different strain appears on one of our dispensary menus. However, what I have found after following the advice... It is iffy at best. Good description, well organized, but the medical recommendations for each strain is just not very accurate.

    trying to learn to grow flowers organically.
  5. Look at the cbd strains at like the vault's store. Prof Paul n cbd crew are 2 that have great stuff for ya

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