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  1. some of my babies leaves are twisting, and im pretty sure its a sign of too acidic soil. The potting soil i bought is mainly sphagnum peat moss, which is acidic. Ive been having problems because the runoff on my digital ph meter is around seven, but ive read the ph of spaghnum peat moss is around the ph of 5. Any idea how to get an accurate reading of what the ph of my soil is? I dont know how to fix this!
  2. photos? Are you using distilled water to leach? what pH level do you want?
  3. i have been using my own distilled water, i want my soil ph to be around 6.5. How can i test the ph of the soil? ive mixed the soil with the water an d let it sit, then tested it and its still the ph of the water
  4. there's your problem want to leach...which is pouring distilled water into your soil until it starts to run out at the bottom of your want to collect about 50 ml of leachate (runoff) and you measure easy way to do it is just put your pot in a bowl or something before you water it...if your pH meter came with a manual it will help also
  5. ive done just that but with a few more ounces of leachate, and it seems to measure fine. But my plant is still showing a few twisty leaves and i know that the peat moss is too acidic. can the ph of the soil and the leachate be so far apart?
  6. the pH of the leachate is the pH of your soil...distilled water is a neutral ph so when you run it through your soil is collects traces of everything that isn't neautral to get your pH...try a test with 50 ml...the more water you leach thru the more inaccurate your results will be
  7. that sounds promising :) ill let you know how it goes after im done with my math homework
  8. i just filtered out what you said and the ph of the runoff was 7.5. The distilled water was 9.5 before it was dropped in. Is it possible that my plants are wilting because the ph is too high? The grow bible says spaghnum peat moss has a ph between 3-5, is it possible that everything else in the mix. Since the soil brought the ph down, it must be lower than what the run off is. There has to be compensation for the abundance of water over soil, so how do i go about getting it to where i want it? im sure since it lowered the ph of the water the soil is much lower. I have earth juice's natural ph up/down but i guess i cannot accurately measure the ph of my soil.
  9. so i found some soil testing litmus paper around, and although the runoff measured 7.5 the testers put it around five. im going to raise my water up to around 13. it was at 9.5 and wasnt doing the trick, im hoping the water will change ,my ph, or at least regulate it? thanks tropicana +rep
  10. I'm confused...distilled water has a flat pH of 7.0? If it's old co2 can dissolve into it and lower the pH...but I've never heard of distilled water with a pH around 9? Do you have any pictures of your plant, that would make your 'wilting' problems much easier to solve...symptoms of a wilted plant could be over-watering, over-fertilization or root rot
  11. I have my own distiller, and the stuff at the store is usually around 8-9. Maybe its a regional thing? The wilting isn't so bad as the twisting growth, the plants are 2 weeks old and one dwarf spiraled into the dirt almost and just a few of the first set of leaves are twisting and showing of what i think is a phosphorus def. due to lockout. i bought a soil meter today, and the soil read to 5.7. That ph up dosent work for shit, so im going to buy some gardening lime which is hydrated lime, to try and raise it. Any recipe or better ideas?

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    when i used peat moss i flushed with tap water as my tap runs about 8 so i just flush till i get it to 6.8 check the run off last few flush's add a few tbl spoons of hydro chloride to your water as it will help aerat the roots

    if you need to lower your ph flush with a water with a really low ph level

    you dont need to use distilled water at least i dont if your stains a touchy bitch then i guess you do but all the plants i've grown respond well to ph adjusted tap water

    testing your run off is the only accurate way of knowing your soil ph that i know of. you want that run off at 6.8
  13. my runoff reads 7.6 after i put 9.6 water through it. I need it lowered, the soil meter read 5.5, how do i up the ph without changing the medium?
  14. adding lime will raise your pH
  15. I use hydrogen peroxide for this purpose. What is hydro chloride?

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