Help Needed With NFT GT424s

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  1. Hi there, Iv never grown hydroponicly iv seen other grows (friends) and they have turned out very good, Unfortunalty im not in contact with these friends any more (moved away) and now feel il lacking knowlage to get to the ideal hydroponic grow.

    Iv got understanding on PPM. my knowlage is this. PPM is the TDS of the nutriant solution and PPM goes up when more water than nutriant is used and PPM goes down when more nutriant is used that water, I understand to correct ppm you top the tank up (if required) leave it for an hour then measuer and add nutriants accordingly untill the PPM is where you want it to be and visa vera if more nutriants is needed insted of water.

    I under stand the pump plays a big part and this should be set to pump between 400mils to 1.2l per minute so id set it to a point where a good flow is going down the channels not fast enough for the plants not to have a drink but not slow enough for the water to pool.

    Iv got a couple of dual outlet air pumps to keep the water/solution oxygenated.

    PH i understand is to be set at 5.8 at the lowest and 6.2 at the highest so would this be ok to be lowerd to 5.8 and then allowed to rise to 6.2 and then lowerd again so the plants can get the full use of the nutriant to PH range or shall i just keep it as close to say 5.9-6.0 as possible??

    I also understand that the water needs to be at a temp of 20-24.c i dont have a water heater but my room is at a constant 80.f at day and 75.f at night so this should keep the solution at a nice temp..

    Im confused at what ppms i should use from start (cloan) and right up to flowering. I understand this is totaly plant dependant on what she can handle but i dont want to go to burn them or give them a def!!

    Tank should be changed every 2-3 weeks.

    I have a full range of ionic hydro and things like cannazyme to help break down the dead roots.

    Is there any thing iv left out??

    I want to be on top of my game so i dont run into problems.

    Im also totaly confused with the rockwool cubes. Im Planning to grow 8 plants in each system (have 2 wich will be under there own 600w hps) Iv soaked 25 cubes in a soloution of 5.2ph with half dose formulex. Im confused with the rehydrate with the 6.5ph and once iv got the clones to root and transplant into the 3 inch blocks to i repeat the steps with these?? do i leave the plastic rapping on from round the sides or do i take it off to allow the roots to escape??

    sorry for all the questions but i know this is the best place to get the info i require!! iv soaked the cubes today ready for the clones tomoz so help help help!!

    peace and thanks for your time!!

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