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Help needed!!!! Pt2

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by albinoninja, May 11, 2010.

  1. albinoninja, checkout

    I just got my 400w HPS from there, it arrived yesterday, it was $119 not including shipping, and came with included reflector, and HPS bulb. I thought it was a steal at least
  2. Dude that dirt is balls i can tell just by looking at it. Go out and get like Miracle Grow Soil or any goot potting soil or even germintation soil when you start. it has massive amounts of perlite in it and as well all the early stages nutrients you need for the plant to start off well. and as well your stretching them. they are too tall for only haveing there 3rd set of leaves coming in. i say change dirt and add mooore of it not a smidgen at the bottom of a cup... Kudos Man :)
  3. i went out and got me some hydroponex poting soil thats a .05.05.05 mix. and i have started to germanate new seeds last night. i have flushed the potting soil last night also the plants in the pics are just for fun now. im going to take the water advice in to play with them and just continue to run with them as it just for shits and giggles to see what will happen with them and im going to start new plants all over growing them with proper equipment and soils.
  4. ok. i have just check my seeds that i have germinating and i have some really sexy looking seeds. but i have just this one thats kinda got me scratching my head the root is about 1/4" long but it has lost the shell of the seed completly. what do i need to do with this seed.
  5. as soon as your seed cracks you should be planting it!
    Handling them after they sprout is not good as you damage the root!
    i would plant it carefully so the white pointed root is fully covered then hope for the best! good luck:smoking:
  6. I thought in an earlier reply you stated you stayed up all night and read and read and read. Seriously, if you actually took the time to read the stickies here and on the other grow forums, you would not be asking half of the questions you are asking. I have no problem with questions being asked, hell, thats what a forum is for. But really, why not take the time to educate yourself and pay homage to the awesome growers that took a lot of time and effort to make the stickies. They are chock full of useful and accurate info.

    Just by reading the stickies you can learn almost everything you need to know about germinating, about handling seedlings, about lighting, about soils, about nutes. There is a ton of info here to help you along your journey. Check them out, and Good Luck.
  7. in the info that i have read it said to wait to til the root was 1" long but i will get them in the dirt now thank you for the correction in the info i read.
  8. ok where i can i find info on the proper way and when to top my plants
  9. LST or femming.

    LST seems to be a pretty good way. There are some nnice sticky's on it. I'vce always been a femmer and a LST'er, but I got a decent convincing from someone that you only need LST
  10. ok thank you. and just a weird question to kinda shut some people i know up can you tell by looking at the seeds if its a male seed or a female seed? like i said not really important just want to shut some one up cause they think they are god and know everything.
  11. helllo no. you can never tell by looking at a seed. thats like saying hey i bet you can tell the sex of a person by looking at the sperm or egg. lololol. only when she is starting to mature or FLOWER will you know the true sex. after about a week 1/2 - 2 weeks after 12/12 light is introduced it will change and then show sex. and as well for topping just wait till you have about 4 of 5 sets or leaves have come up. at the top set of lwaves, cut them off just above the nodes (where the branches would come out) then if done correctly you will have 2 heads come from where the 1 would have been growing.
  12. and as well if your seed germinates and looses its shell while still in the paper towel or wherever... just wash your hands well then pick up the seedling by where the leaves are NOT BY THE ROOT!!!!! or it will die from your hand oils. or stunt it or damage it. gentley pick it up and then make a little hole to place the root end in and place the leaves just at the surface of the soil as that gives the root optimal depth the start a root base and as well those top leaves get light now and can start to make food to start growing :) i have done it maaany maaany times with a 100% success rate :)
  13. thats wht i kept telling the guy but i wanted some kind of back up writen prove on that one. and as far as topping goes thank you that has been about the best and most helpful info i have seen yet. on one of my b.i.d plants on the second set of alt leaves it was showing signs of weakness and was getting droopy the stem started to take a curve and two white spots that look like sand has appeared. what should i do???
  14. i have started to realize that there is a lot of money involved. but i have done commited to growing so im not giong to stop. im already about 100 in due to knowing a few people here and there getting employee discounts. but what can i do to fix my plnat and whats wrong
  15. another little fun ? for who ever. is running my fan 24/7 on a 12/12 shift of high and low. a good idea or what should i do there cause i know plants need the wind to grow.
  16. I leave my fans on the same speed all the time, regardless of what the lights are doing. I suppose I never really thought about it though.

    Especially during flowering, the more ventillation getting to the buds the better, though not to the point of it being extreme.

    I think it also help smaller plants grow nice and strong limbs.
  17. Hey Ninja, Well the spotting is from it not getting enough light. as well as over water. basically just the beating it has ensued since day 1 lol. but no worries, you can bring her back :) Go out to any regular home hardware store. get germintation soil for the first stages of its life. it has perlite in it as well as Nutes for your plant to gain a good root system. get high and make your grow box or area. get lights ( CFL's compact fluoresent lights) atleast 3 for veg for 1 plant. and try to get thr 23 watt ones or even 26 watt (equivilant to a 100 watt incandescent light bulb with less heat and uses less power). and get small fans for intake and out take or have one intake fan in the box blowing air around and have a hole cut out near the top of the box for the air to escape (if its a box that is or any type of free standing unit) so let me know whats going on for the grow room :p and i will be sure to help :)
  18. cool i am getting ready to post pics of my I.B.D (i be damned) plants. and then my two new plants that i have going as well. i also have pics of my fan lighs and the size of the pots the new ones are in. they will be posted in another thread of mine that is a journal of my first indoor grow. thats actually doing something great for me.
  19. I have friends like that too :rolleyes:

    No, you cannot look at a seed and tell if it will produce a male or female or hermaphrodite. Even if you grew it 12/12 from seed if would take a few weeks before you could sex it.

    I assume that your friend figures that the white seeds are male and the tiger stripe seeds are female? The white seeds just aren't fully mature yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't grow them out.
  20. and thats exactly how he thinks

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