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    well its sad to say that the first set of plants that was planted on the 17th of april died. i have three more plants that was planted on the 23 of april and when they sprouted i transplanted them into sperate containers. im not here to grow professionally, just to keep from spending money on it. this is strickly for a personal stach nothin more. im currently working on getting some pics up for you guys to take a look at and give me the best advice. im also playin with the idea of taking them out of the natural soil when i transplant them to bigger pots and planting them with potting soil. will that effect the plants? and they are not a typical high grade plant. its a mid grade plant that is kalled k-town found typically in the areas surrounding kansas city. i also went to walmart and got an additive to the fertalizer called superthrive vitamins-hormoes. its said to produce competitive crops.
  2. im also playin with the idea of taking them out of the natural soil when i transplant them to bigger pots and planting them with potting soil. will that effect the plants? Bad idea. You will ruin the roots. Unless you are going to move it into a hydro system, I see no possible way of removing the original soil safely without damaging the plant.

    Even in a hydro, I don't know if ebb and flow will remove the soil. But that seems to be the way I would do it if I was going to remove the dirt from around the roots.
  3. i have the feeling you really need to read the guides. what kinda dirt is that in those cups? it looks like pure junk dirt from a spot in the yard that grass would not grow. Do you have drain holes in the bottom of your cups? I ask cause your last ones got moldy and died.
    You need to do something about light. Your plants are growing to tall. Even though i started out with my plants stretching, none of my first leaf set was more than half inch from the cotyledons. One more thing reguarding your dirt. you need alot more dirt than two inches resting in the very bottom of a cup. that dirt should come up to about 1 inch from top atleast.

  4. this is only my third time attempting to grow. the frist two times was out door plants that was just a fluke of nature i guess., i found the plants in the locations of which i would dump seeds. but it makes since and i appericate the advice. and should i go ahead and transplant them in to bigger pots with more soil and the soil is actuall from the location of my garden when me and my dad was growing our own vegies for salsa. but any and every critic is worth my wild. are my plants lookin in good condition or should i just scratch the plan and start over from scratch with potting soil.
  5. Well man you definitely need a right medium..

    I mean it takes 4 months from start to finish usually to grow marijuana.. theres no room for taking shortcuts.

    I recommend at least just picking up a bag of organic soil and making your own mix and going from there, you can find tons of suggestions on how to mix your own soil on the forums here.

    Good luck!
  6. so im basically screwed glewed and tattooed on the deal then the way i have them even with the drain holes i n the bottom huh.
  7. na man carefully cut bottoms out of cups and transplant whole cup into a good soil mix they should be fine.
  8. you are fine, transplant them into some good dirt, they are small and the roots will grow into the new dirt and be fine.

    Drain holes will not save you, you need to come up with a good mix that drains well, and good physical characteristics.

    Go you a local hydro shop and pick up a bag of dirt and thorw them in it.

    That is just the beginning tho bro, and you need to strart getting some good info fast. Read up on the sticky's and get out in front of what you want to do.

    Herb is a lot of work and money to grow, which is why I am particular about the genetics that I start with.
  9. ok so running with the three inch deep top clay soil i have now what kind of soil would you recommend me to get to transplant in. what kind of fertalizer should i use and by using a halogen light with a dual light/heat setting, consisting of dim and bright. i am running the bright during the day and dim at night. when should i switch from running the light at all times to a 12.12 scheadual. and when i transplant them how deep should i put the cups in the soil??? should i completely hid the cup or just fill it to the edge of the cup. and as great as it is to hear from my fellow potheads. like i said im not looking to produce the worlds best weed just good weed to get me high and by tell the next set of plants are harvested. and im only going to be running a 3-5 plant system. off of mid plants what should i expect to see as far as the yeild, highth, i mean this is my first time growing and taking care of the plants instead of just letting them do their own thing growing how ever they feel like it. so what ever advicve i can get is great. i mean i have NO clue about soil mixtures or anything else. i just break it down roll it and smoke it. thats about it and its getting more and more expensive for me to do that so im ready to just start growing for me.
  10. i here fox farms soils are well recomended, I personally use canna pro+ but any good potting mix should be ok, just be careful if there's already feed in the mix!

    Not sure about halogen think there fine for veggin but i dont think flowering resultts willl be worthwhile.

    you can bury the pots or just sit them on the new soil the roots will find their way down.

    as for nutes i have good results with bio bizz products.
  11. Sorry dude, the halogen is one the least recommended lights due to the color spectrum. I would use CFL's until you can buy a HPS. Foxfarm's soil and fert's work very well too.:smoking:
  12. right i stayed up all night last night just reading and reading and reading. but will the halogen be good enough until i get my lights
  13. ur answer is no. it will not be good enough. stop buyin weed and save up for some propper shit.... you'll thank yourself in the end
  14. if only not buying weed would work cause i smoke it for pain.
  15. and its only going to be another 3-5 days befor i get the proper lights i need.
  16. ok ok ok. so i have faced the fact that i need money and lots of it to complete my mission. so im just going to contiue doing what i have going just for fun. but i have started pricing and comparing premixed soils and fertalizers. but i need opinions on what every one thinks the hyponic humar and munuar potting soil with a .05 on the three main minerals in the soil. if there is better soil let me know befor i buy please.
  17. Your post is a little difficult to understand.....

    Get fox farms, there are a variety of soil types out there that you can get. Just make sure you stay away from time release fertilizers.

    You could probably buy any cheap organic potting soil, who cares if it is organic, just make sure it doesnt have time release fert;s in it, I cannot stress that enough.

    Dump a bunch of vermiculite and perlite, maybe some peat moss in there as well. Doesn't have to be expensive man. You want a good light mix that will drain really well so the roots stay aerated.

    Dont believe all the bs the nutrient producers want you to believe. By some standard grow formula for your veg stage, you want more nitrogren during veg, which is the first of the 3 numbers.

    Put your money into a light. Get a 400 Watt light that is interchangeable with MH or HPS bulbs. I expect that will set you back 300-400 bucks, you can find them cheaper. Depending on your groa space, you will probably want to ventillate the light directly.

    Remember, dont overfeed, and dont overwater, and you'll be fine as long as you have a good light.

    Just like anything else, it costs coin to get top of the line stuff. But it certainly can be done for much less. The flip side to that is you havfe to spend more time researching equipment, and time getting to know what the plants need during their life cycle.

    If you know what you are doing, and know what you are looking for, you can definately save money
  18. seen plants veg'd with halogen although heat was an issue otherwise worked ok so shou;d be fine meantime.
    as for light try here i run one of these good for veg and flower
  19. ok and on mid grade plants how long does it take for each cycle to start whats the typical grow time for them. how often should i feed them. im runnin a 12/12 light, with a shot glass full of water and nutes in the morning when i get up at 11 and at night when i go to bed at 11. in between that im misting the soil and bottom stem about 1-2 in that time period. and its a light mist.
  20. When the plants are smaller, I tend to water them a bit less. Though the time needed depends on a lot of things.

    You want to give them a good watering, so that the soil column is soaked, and then let them go for 3-4 days so that the plants get a chance to drink their fill, and then as the soil column dries out, this will increase the amount of aeration getting to the root ball.

    Overwatering is one of the best ways to create problems for the plants in terms of low levels of dissolved oxygen in the soil, root rot, fungus, bugs, molds ect...

    I will ususally alternate between watering with pH adjusted water, and a nutrient solution. So I'll end up giving them a feeding about every 8 days or so.

    I usually try and let the plant tell me what it needs as opposed to sticking to a hard a set routine.

    There is no need to mist the soil.

    It typically takes about 8 weeks for most strains to flower, though there is a large variety between strains and growing conditions for flowering times.

    I also like to check my soil runoff quite a bit as well, as the ppm's of your runoff can tell you a lot of information about what is going on in the soil.

    Those are just some of the things I do, there are lots of people who have great success doing other methods as well. You'll eventually figure out how to tweak your setup to do what you want it to

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