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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bob hoskins, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Ths plant looks seriously ill, and i have no idea why, the droopyness would suggest the plant is dehydrated but the soil is moist ill provide as much history as possible if anyone is willing to give a differential diagnosis

    Plant is in its 8th week of veg
    watered every 3-4 days (whenever it is dry 2 inches below top of)
    last nuted with 3-3-3 tomato feed 1 week ago (gets fed this once per week)
    Soil is cheap potting soil with john innes
    Humidity is around 40%
    Temp at around 28C although up untill very recently it was around 30-32
    Light is 250w HPS

    Any more information needed please ask
  2. Nute poisoning in my opinion....flush baby flush!...pour 3 times the volume of soil you have to air temp. water with 1/4 the nutes you, if the plant is a 3 gallon pot, pour 9 gallons of water with 1/4 or less nute through the plants roots, don't fed for a week, don't keep the plant so close to the light, give the plant a holiday, but I think you could be to late, if you can take a Ph reading of the water that runs out the bottom...more info to you, use those ph strips, your plan seems OK, can ASSUME is the cheap soil????

  3. ok well i took your opinion into consideration, i definatly agree with your concerns over the cheap soil, it will be the last time i use 99p soil, but seeing as this is my first grow its a good learning experience so i dont regret using it. i think Canna pro or H&G bat mix will be what i use next time round.

    I actualy went the other way and gave the plant an extremely light splash of flowering nutes, they perked right up, i dont think the problem is solved and i will have to invest in a ph kit but it has given me a shove in the right direction

    I thank you again for your advise and ill keep this thread updated on their wellbeing, as we are not our of the woods just yet.
  4. well
    if the leafs have flipped upsidedown
    it could be like a disiese.


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