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  1. First off I'll be posting better pics soon, but if you look close you'll see sever curling and twisting of my tops. All of the plant looks to be healthy(green that is). Thought it might be lack of mag, but starting to wonder if ph level of my water is too acidic. Using beaver damn water. Any help would be much appreciated. Testing ph of water tomorrow.

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    what is the average temperature where you are growing, curling leaves towards the ends and sides of the leaves are due to heat exhaustion. Especially if you have no discoloration or dying leaves which is a good indicator of heat related problems, i cant really tell from your pics, its a good idea that you place better pics with closer images of the fan leaves. Plus more people from the community can inspect them. They do look a bit twisted and retarded like a genetic mutation lol, j/k j/k just bustin your balls, im sure the community will help you out and get your problem solved!
  3. Yes I do plan on getting better pics..damn cheap cam on phone. Anywho, the temp has been hitting around 70-78..Im in the Wa state area. All the Fan leaves are big, and great looking. Thought it might be the temp diff between night and day causing it also.
  4. Does it drop below 60 degree's? I have not heard of leaves curling so drastically due to temperature drops during night...Then again it could be a possible suspect. Try not to worry too much you will get help from some one here in the community.
  5. I found this "Well I have seen 2 differnt types of curling through my experience.

    The first is PH flucuation. This is known as the "claw". To fix, start checking ph daily and keep it the same.

    The second is overwatering. Its more of a droop than a curl. This means there either isnt enough DO, and/or water temps are too high.

    Hope this helps"
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    Yes it drops well below 60 at night. As far as over watering, I don't think so.I water once a week. Hmmm Under watering?
  7. Under watering could be a major issue, check you soil dampness about 2 inches under the top of the soil, if it is damp then it is good, if it dry then water. For me, growing outdoors, I tend to water every day just a little. I do this to keep a constant level of moisture in the soil, not to wet, and not dry by far. Watering is crucial to your plants wellness, figure out a good watering pattern and stick to it, be consistent and make sure your not under or over watering. Also, the temperature dropping below 60 degrees F. is not so good for the plants either, but should not have that big of an impact. I let my plants grow till the end of November and they seem to do fine at temperatures of 55-60 degrees F. I do know that plants growing in temperatures above 85 degrees and under 60 stop growth or slow down growth, not sure if it is causing your leaves to twist. As for heat, i have plants growing outside and the temperature is averaging about 95 degrees and they are doing extremely well. I do shade them from the heat of mid day, so maybe this is an example of how tolerant your strain is to cooler temps. I do know for fact that pH,watering, and heat all contribute to leaf curl and the claw effect. Figure out which one is your problem and go from there.

    Any one else have any input on this guys situation?
  8. Thanks Clone. You and I are thinking in the same area, Wish I had better pics, I will soon. Hard to explain buts it's only on the tops...and leaves are still very green. I'm leaning more towards the water being hard, maybe locking out some nutes. But once again thanks for the input.
  9. No problem, I know how it feels to have sick plants and its extremely frustrating. Keep us informed.
  10. Will do! Check back later on tonight. Should have new pics and results of my water testing.
  11. Did some research and found some interesting material. So, cold to warm days can cause twisting leaves and curling sides of leaves due to phosphorous lock at. Going from a nice solid warm day 75 degrees or higher and dropping below 60 degrees cause nutrient lock out, thus you receive curling and twisting leaves due to lack of phosphorous. Try to shield them from the cold at night some how, not sure how you will do that at night. Also, during the day during the warmth, try giving the plants a nutrient solution of higher levels of phosphorous at about .5 the normal dosage and increase the dosage after a few feeding periods. This should give the plant the necessary phosphorous and should improve in a few days. Check your water too, like you said the water might be hard and locking out the nutrients too. good luck bro :)Any one else have any opinions on the matter?
  12. Well Clone, looks like just you and But I did check the water and it's at 6.8 which to tell you the truth was abit surprising. Soil test I ran seemed to be in the 7.0 range. Did some test watering on some of the plants to see if lack of water was part of the problem. Also I might try dropping the ph in the water to 5.8 and see If I notice a difference. Did get some pics, check em out and see what im talking about. Might have to right click and open in another window to get a better view....sry. Last pic is a Dutch Treat Hash plant not 3 feet from the others.

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  13. do parts of the leaves have a slight blueish or purple tint to them? are the edges brownish and the tips getting necrosis?
  14. Have u checked for bugs on any of the curling leaves
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    The leaves are a perfect green, no brown....or any sign of what I'd call a dying leaf.
    Other than the fact that they are curling, twisting, and somewhat shriveling. And keep in mind it's only the tops, or new leaves. And yes I did look for bugs and didn't see any. Did see signs of slug, and snail damage....but thats in general. And keep in mind the leaves are NOT crunchy, still very pliable.
  16. huh, have me skunked, only thing i could think of would be the warm to cold climate, any1 else in this area having similar issues? Cold weather locking out the nutes is my guess. Can the community give any input!!!<<?>>
  17. I hear ya clone, I'll let you know how it goes later this weekend...gonna try to cover a couple up at night to see if it helps any. Just hoping I'm not too late. Thanks again for your ideas and input.
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    Well after going out to my patch for 6 hours, I've figured out one thing for certain. 100% of my plants doing(curling and twisting) seem to have some sort of an air pocket beneath the soil. Another words, when I poke my finger into the ground the first inch or two seems pretty solid, then I hit what I deem as an air pocket. Something similar to a mini mole hole. Only thing I can figure is that when getting transplanted the soil wasn't packed correctly. So in a sense, some of the roots are being exposed to air. The plants that are healthy are all compact and seem to be done correct. Just a thought, I myself have been stumped on this whole matter. On the curling, twisting plants I was able to pack the soil down with my hands a couple of inches.
  19. Hmmm, i will do some research on that. Let me know if there is any improvement. Sorry I have not responded in a few days, I have been busy researching at the University of LaVerne. Seems to be evident that all the plants that have curling and twisting leaves also have air pockets? That is very interesting, Give me a few hours, i will reply with some insight :)
  20. Sounds good. I should know if there is any kind of improvement by this weekend. Ya like I said soil seemed real fluffy, not compact at all. And when I put my fingers in the soil I felt what seemed like air tunnels(or pockets). Weird. In the end probably my fault for rushing to get my babies in the soil. Not taking the time to make sure things were done correctly. Lots were done right though. Looking forward to more insight clone.

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