Help needed for these sick plants

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Geokon85, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Need some help I'm new here just trying to figure out what's wrong with my plants I use general hydroponic under a 600w hps and try to keep my ph between 6- 6.8 any ideas?

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  2. You use tap, distilled, RO?
  3. Maybe try some epson salt. I use gh dry 7g per gallon ebb flow before using the salt I had all kinda anomalies. I try not efing with the ph too much. Basically change it out every 10 or so days. Check it once and then from there add water until I change it out again.

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  4. Btw that's a magnesium deficiency, I'm just trying to figure out if the water source is the cause. If you use Distilled or RO you need to add cal/mag to your water.
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  5. I use tap water and I also use one teaspoon of calimagic per gallon. I already tried flushing them with fresh water then a few days later I have them about 3/4 strength nutes with calimagic
  6. Thanks for all the replies btw
  7. Anybody else have any ideas I'm really starting to panic because I'm about 6.5 weeks in to flowering and I don't want to mess up my end product. Thanks
  8. Turns out it was the ph I checked the run off ph and it was really low 5.85 flushed it brought it up to 6.5 hopefully they pull though just outa curiosity what should my ppm be at.??

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