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    I'm currently force flowering my two pots of white widow.
    One indoor and one outdoor.

    It's been three days into the flowering regime (12/12 and flowering nutes)

    Can you help me identify if my plants have gone into pre-flowering yet?
  2. You should start seeing something soon. My Super Lemon Haze began showing after 3 days so keep an eye will know....
  3. Have you seen anymore of those nasty little black things?
  4. Not really. They seem to go away if you have wind constantly blowing at the plant
    My indoor White Widow.

    uploadfromtaptalk1415775851714.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415775859790.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415775866240.jpg
    My outdoor White Widow.

    uploadfromtaptalk1415775896742.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415775906300.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415775914960.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1415775924600.jpg

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