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    Hello all,

    I joined GC about a month ago and have just been overwhelmed about the information that I have gathered. I can only say good things about everything so far! Im looking to start a small grow in my closet and have a quick question.

    I need a good website that sells cheap BUT great working equipment, I would rather pay more and get better quality equipment.

    Thanks for all the help in advance and cant wait to start my first grow which I will be posting on the forums for help or advice during the grow :)

    Oh one more thing, I live in Canada so if shipping from a certain website or store is better for me that would be appreciated too.

    Thanks :)
  2. You can get everything you need on amazon.

    Get a couple 42w 2700k CFLs and a couple 42w 6500k CFLs.
    Get two of those Y-sockets and socket-plug adapters [ame=""]this[/ame] and [ame=""]this[/ame] then you just plug the four lights into a power strip and hang it above your plant, see what I'm getting at?. That will give you 168w total covering both spectrums for what... $30? Cool beans.

    Get a plant pot

    Get plenty of coco fiber

    Get FloraNova Bloom

    Get CAL-MAG (might not need it)

    Should be set. This shouldn't cost more than $100 and will give you a nice manual flood to waste hydroponics grow op!
  3. thanks alot, im going for a similar set up with the sockets n cfls, why coco fiber, floranova bloom n cal-mag. I just want to know which part they have in the grow. :)


    Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store: Horticulture Source

    I use both sites frequently, both have good prices, the Horticulture Source has a better selection online ( DH doesn't keep all their stock online..but you will get an updated catalog on your fist order.),and generally has better prices. But DH has the reconditioned section, and I've never had any problems with their reconditioned equipment..
  5. Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for!

  6. Coco fiber is going to be your grow medium. We don't need soil, this is 2011. FloraNova Bloom is going to be your food, it's all you need. 4ml per gallon of water for the first 4 weeks, 8ml per gallon of water the rest of the way. CAL-MAG might be needed because coco fiber likes to leach cal and mag. But in my experience the only strains that need calmag in coco are the OGKs and they always need calmag anyway!
  7. Ah well this is good information to know if ever I wanted to switch over to coco growing, but for my first grow ill start off with soil, wont be anything too big, perhaps 3-4 plants. I keep notes of all the information I get because one can never get too much knowledge :D
  8. use HTGsupply ... hands down
  9. Fair enough man, but don't be intimidated by hydro/soil-less, it's easier and more fool-proof than soil. If your soil mix is too hot and/or you overfeed you are up shit creek. But if you overfeed a hydro plant you can just flush the medium and cut back on nutes.

    Hydro is cheaper, easier, cleaner, better IME.
  10. Im from Canada HTG is a US only site :(

    Anybody know online stores which favor Canadian shipping? :D

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