Help needed - 14 days flower - what nutes do I use?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I just recently finished a girl in coco just nutes 'n' Sunshine, I got 4 1/2 ounes of her and I was thinking thats pretty good, they are killer buds - GHS cheese.

    any ways , I have a Cheese in early flower 14 days and i'm just using liquid nutes in coco, no boosters or extra, what would she benefit from that would make her yield more. I mean lets face it if it's under mostly decent weather then I must be missing something

    any advice appreciated

    i'll post some pics later

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    she would benefit from some boosters.. make sure that your N-P-K ratio is correct, you dont want to be feeding veg nute ratios to her. Get some advanced nutrients boosters.. they have all the trace elements and amino acids,all the shit the pplants need... Im not just saying this because of what they claim there products do. From personal experience.

    also keep in mind that different plants flower differently at different speeds.

    Try some L,S,T for yeild but if shes just not kicking into a vigorous flowering stage..then yul have to wait untill the 4th week flower for it to really start getting fat... they should be decent size then.

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