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Help Need To Know If This Weed Has Mold

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JuicyBoss, May 30, 2013.

  1. So I copped some bud 3 days ago and I had no where to put (we forgot to bring bags), so I dumped out my water bottle and put it there. When I got home that day, I put it in a plastic bag, (some of it was a little wet) I smoked a little bit of it and it was fine. When I left it in the bag it didn't seem that wet (maybe cause I was high). Now it's three days later and I'm super paranoid and now I think it might have molded. It has a different smell than most of the weed I've come across, its hard to describe the smell, its kinda like, wet weed, if that makes sense. My question is, can weed get mold in a span of 3 days?/ Is this weed likely molded?
    Here are some pictures, (sorry, it's really shitty quality)

  2. I don't see any but which nug am I even supposed to be looking at? 
  3. Your weed does not have mold on it! Yes, weed can get moldy, but not in 3 days. I've spilled water in weed so many times, and I've even smoked weed when it was almost completely wet. I've even spilled soda on weed. I've smoked weed that had gotten wet 3 weeks prior, and it was a pretty good high. The water didn't alter anything or make the weed go bad. Sometimes it has discoloration, but that's okay. 
    The weed in the pictures looks good, and I don't see any indication of mold whatsoever.
    Here's something to help you.
    If the weed starts to get a black/plum colored hue around the edge, THROW IT AWAY.
    If the weed starts to smell sour or the smell is completely gone, THROW IT AWAY.
    If the weed crumbles in your hand, THROW IT AWAY.
    These 3 things are good to watch for when dealing with suspicion of mold. 
  4. I don't see it bud.
  5. i dont see any mold but you need to get better close ups with your camera to be able to tell for sure.  ive never seen mold grow on already cured buds, usually mold grows on buds while the plant is still alive
    ive also spilled water on my weed so many times, and i usually just let it dry out and its fine
    hope this helps
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    My buddy went swimming with it once in the river with just dried it out on the boat

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  7. that weed looks like it was just pulled off a field of a free way
  9. No mold brahski

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